12 Best camera app for android in 2022

Enhance your photos with best camera app for android.
Smartphone cameras have evolved from being reasonable to extremely powerful. We found that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + feature our favorite cameras for smartphones. However, the devices don’t tell the whole story: Android phone owners have the flexibility to choose between a wide range of camera applications, with features such as multi-image capture modes, layering images on top of each other, steady photo assistants, photo editing tools and post-processing special effects. From the options that come full of premium features to the free lightweight tools, here are the best camera app for android devices.

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1 Camera Zoom FX ($ 3.99)

Camera Zoom FX provides a clean interface loaded with lots of features and settings.
The app comes with multiple capture, timer, voice activation and image stabilization modes.
There are other settings for ISO, HDR, brightness, saturation, hardware button controls, image overlay, and more. The application also comes with image editing tools to apply effects such as color transitions, etc., which can be viewed in real time at the moment they are being taken or applied later during the post-processing phase.
The application continues to add features such as support for raw files and manual controls for the Camera2 API for the camera whenever the device supports it.

2 Camera MX (free)

Camera MX is a free app for capturing stills with the camera that comes with some additional features, special effects, and editing tools.
The camera interface features a tap feature to zoom in focus and a timer, and an FX menu that is full of filters, layers, and frames.
You will find many photo effects that can be applied and previewed in real time to capture photos and videos.
Camera MX also includes powerful editing tools for white balance, contrast, alignment, and more.

3 Camera360 – Funny Stickers (Free)

Camera 360 might have put a lot of its funny stickers and other live photo editing tools in its latest release.
But don’t let this to fool you into thinking that it’s a lightweight camera app.
In addition to all the stickers and filters, it comes with a variety of shooting styles, tools, and settings to refine your shots like tilt-shift photography, Posterizer, and more. The selfie mode of the camera can highlight the color of the skin, the visual atmosphere to give you the exact look to create face recognition for your next selfie.

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4 Open Camera (free)

If you are looking for an open source option, check out Open Camera, which is packed with loads and lots of features aimed in taking a perfect shot, as well as experimental support for manual controls from the Camera2 API. This app has got a whole bunch of useful tools, from auto stabilization to ISO, exposure controls, aperture controls, to countdown timer and audio triggers for capturing the image.
The open source nature of this application and its continuous development also means that its features continue to grow.

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5 DSLR Camera Pro ($ 2.99)

As the name of this app suggests, DSLR Camera Pro aims to replicate the controls and interface of the DSLR camera program on a smartphone. Instead of downloading features like filters, stickers, other transforming and editing tools, what this app mostly cares about is its color adjustment and control functions. Much like the old Geeky Dev handheld camera app, users can also control ISO settings, light metering, white balance, and the app displays vivid graphics! The application also provides a two-stage image grabber and automatic image adjustment. It is said that due to its reliance on manual camera controls, DSLR Camera Pro may encounter some compatibility problems with some phones, so check its compatibility on your device before downloading it.

6 Prisma (free)

Users who want to make more impressionistic images may want to try Prisma camera app and photo editing. Using a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence, Prisma takes pictures from a smartphone and turns them into works of art in the style of famous artists like Munch or Picasso.
It also applies a variety of special effects and visual transitions with a simple scrolling interface.
Then you can easily save and share your photos via a variety of social media apps.
It is a great way to turn your vacation photos into timeout photos and share them easily.

7 Camera 2 ($ 2.99)

It is the successor to the popular JFDP Labs which was the paper photo camera.
This app offers an extensive library filled with lots of special effects. In addition to the old pencil effect and the comic book effect or the ink drawing effect, users can take a photo that has the effect of antique cameras or old computer screen with the effect that resembles an old movie or light leaks.
The app includes basic editing features, as well as basics like white balance, exposure tools, and focus settings.

8 Retrica (free)

Try Retrica, an easy-to-use Android camera app. It’s claims that main reason for its popularity is the ability to apply its effects to the viewfinder in real time for photography. The app features more than 100 filters grouped together into reasonable categories with the ability to customize the intensity. Users can take snapshots of colleagues and add a frame to add a blur effect to the photo, and users can easily share their creativity with people through social media.

9 A Better Camera (Free)

Better Camera from Almalence takes the best features from several specialized camera apps like HDR Camera +, HD Panorama + and Night Camera + and merges them together into one app. Users can use different photo shooting modes, control white balance, focus and adjust exposure to get the perfect shot. The app’s various photo capture modes allow additional options such as vivid photo mode, HDR effects, panorama shots and night capture mode.
Some premium features allow you to take 30 photos before the app asks you to purchase the unlock key ($ 3.99).

10 VSCO Cam (Free)

VSCO Cam surprises users with providing a variety of tools to edit their photos and apply special effects to them.
The actual camera functions of VSCO Cam are a bit simple, but its real magic lies in the image editing features.
Users can apply a variety of preset filters with adjustable powerful scrolling.
You can control image saturation, temperature, add old movie effect, shadows, highlight parts of the image, and much more,
And additional filters are available in the app purchases. This application allows users to share photos through a variety of social media services including Instagram, as well as the VSCO network, which is the platform of the application.

11 Manual Camera ($ 2.99)

Manual Camera takes advantage of the direct camera control features found in the Camera2 API, providing users with nearly complete manual control of their camera settings when capturing shots. Users can manually configure settings such as shot speed, focus distance and exposure compensation, allowing you to set up your shots whenever you want.
The whole idea is to give the photographer as much direct control over the footage as possible.
If your aim is to get easy shots, and in optimum condition, look elsewhere.
If you only want to prepare your own shots, give Manual Camera a try.

12 Cardboard Camera (Free)

Cardboard Camera integrates with Google’s VR Cardboard rigs to allow users to capture and display VR – panoramic images at a full 360° degree view with sounds. As users rotate the phone slowly to take the photo, and after some quick processing, the VR image can be seen through the Cardboard Viewer app. It is a great way to capture special event photos, important landmarks, tourist destinations, and vacation shots, to share with friends and family.
It’s much cooler than the typical panoramic photo.