5 best camera app for iphone in 2022

Most of the modern smartphones, whether running on the iOS operating system such as the iPhone, or operating on the Android system come with powerful camera features, but they are limited options, which makes users search for BEST CAMERA APP FOR IPHONE that include the settings and options they need.

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There is no doubt that Apple focuses a lot on the camera of iPhone and its application integrated in the iOS operating system, but it focuses on the point of best performance without giving the user many options for the camera, so users resort to using external applications for the camera, as the Apple store contains many of the great camera applications, so we will present to you the 5 best camera applications for iPhone phones:

1- Camera + 2 application

best camera app for iphone

The Camera + 2 application is the best and most powerful camera application available for iPhone on the App Store, and it is the second version of the original Camera + application that was launched in 2010 and sold more than 14 million copies. The Camera + 2 application is better, faster and stronger than ever. It has a very responsive and easy to use user interface.

The application has received a lot of updates during the recent period to differ from the original Camera + version, as the cameras of the iPhone phones have improved dramatically, not only in terms of optical quality, but also in the set of technical and creative tools.

The application has many features such as different modes for photography for specialized purposes, including Slow Shutter, Burst, Timer, and the professional timer feature for capturing images, in addition to exposure and focus settings, and the white balance and speed of image capture can also be controlled using the indicators and controls that appear on the screen.

It also provides easy use of editing tools on all the images in your photo library, and allows you to switch between Photo Library and Lightbox with just a click of a button, or use drag and drop gestures to copy or share photos.

The app integrates with other apps in Apple store so that you can easily transfer photos to computer or other apps.

The app is available on the Apple store at a price of $ 2.99, and you can download it from here.

2- ProCam 6


ProCam 6 is one of the best apps that offers you everything in the camera including high quality video recording.

The application provides you with a lot of control settings for your IPhone’s camera to take still photos, such as night and burst modes, slow shutter tool, Portrait Mode, and even 3D images, and above all, the ProCam 6 application offers you the ability to shoot videos in a professional way, which is a feature not present in most camera applications.

The app also offers the ability to professionally adjust Focus and Exposure settings, but you can even adjust white contrast and save images in RAW or TIFF format.

With the ProCam 6 application, photographers can capture high-definition videos up to 4K Ultra HD quality, and edit them directly in the application itself, and it is also possible to make time-lapse videos or timelapse photography, in both cases you will get full access to the manual controls in ProCam 6 so your photos and videos will look great.

You don’t need a separate photo editing app with ProCam 6, as it comes with a full suite of photo editing tools.

The app is available on the Apple store at a price of $ 5.99, and you can download it from here.

3- VSCO Cam app

best camera app for iphone

VSCO Cam is one of the most popular camera apps as it combines many great features, as it is an excellent camera app and photo editor for more professional photo editing while taking a photo.

With the VSCO app, smartphone photographers can capture images in RAW mode with simple switching, and manually adjust white balance, ISO, and Exposure.

It has a very simple user interface as it allows you to shoot by just pressing the phone screen anywhere within the camera application, in addition to some other great gestures during the filming process.

Once the photo is taken, all you have to do is go to VSCO Studio where you can apply expertly designed filters and make fine adjustments to the image for a professional and unique result.

The app is available on the Apple store for free and you can download it from here, but there is a $ 20 subscription for the annual VSCO X membership that gives you more features and possibilities.

4- ProShot application


The ProShot application is characterized by its ability to convert your smartphone into a professional DSLR camera, as it provides the user with all different shooting modes such as Manual, Program, Auto, or customizing two modes together, regardless of the mode in which you will take your pictures, you can control exposure , Focus, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, brightness, and more. ProShot also captures images in RAW format that allows you to get raw images to add effects and adjustments to them.

Video with ProShot can also be recorded up to 4K resolution, so it is a complete alternative to professional cameras, and Burst mode and time lapse mode provide high-quality results, so that every moment is captured as it occurs.

The app is available on the Apple store at a price of $ 4.99, and you can download it from here.

5- Halide Camera app

The Halide app is one of the best camera apps on the Apple store, as the app offers an easy and simple user interface, and focuses on the gesture control feature, giving the user the ability to control settings while shooting through Gestures, starting with aperture control, focus settings, and white balance as well, and others.

You can also take pictures in RAW format, and for those who love Portrait Mode photography, the app supports Halide’s Depth mode to give users the fastest portrait shots, and the interface dedicated to the application on the iPhone X allows the ability to use the application with only one hand.

The app is available on the Apple store at a price of $ 5.99, and you can download it from here.

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