Edit Your Photos With The Best Free Photo Editor Software In 2022

Our free photo editor can convert your photos from “normal” to “awesome”, and we have chosen the best for you.

Who needs photoshop? The best free photo editing software will make your photos look great without the price. We can now use phone cameras everywhere, as we can take pictures and share more of them than ever before. But even with the best camera for your phone, you can likely get a better picture.

Photo editing software should not be the only reserve for those who cannot afford to pay subscriptions to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. And no, Microsoft Paint or Apple Preview will provide you with important advantages: You deserve more than simply writing or editing that doesn’t provide any good image or a few tools on the program.

So we’ve looked at our list for an overhaul and picked the best photo editing software you can get and download for free, starting with premium features perfectly cloned from Photoshop to simple and easy to use ways to add filters and effects to your favorite photos. These aren’t by any means the only free options, though; if you haven’t revamped your favorite photo editor, let us know it in the comments below.

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Many free photo editors offer a very limited set of tools unless you pay for a subscription, or you watermark photos used, but the tools we provide here do not carry any such restrictions. Whatever you choose, make sure there are no hidden tricks.


The best free photo editing program with advanced features


  • Full of advanced options
  • There are no ads or restrictions


  • Learning the program is somewhat difficult

GIMP (GNU Group Image Editing Software) is the best free photo editing software out there. It is full of image enhancement tools that you can find in premium software, and more are being added every day.

The suite of photo editing tools is absolutely stunning, featuring layers, masks, curves, and planes. Easily eliminate imperfections with excellent clone and manipulation tools, create custom brushes, apply perspective changes, and apply changes to isolated areas with smart selection tools.

GIMP is a free open source photo editor, and the user community and developer has created a huge collection of plugins to increase its usefulness even further. Many of these add-ons are already preinstalled, and you can download more of them via the official store. If that wasn’t enough, you can even install plugins for Photoshop.

Google Nik Collection:

A professional set of the best tools at the professional level, you can get it now for free.

In the Nik Collection we find a large set of tools through which you can professionally edit and beautify your photos, and among its most important tools are: Analog Efex Pro, Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, HDR Efex Pro, Viveza, Sharpener Pro

The work of these tools is reduced to making classic effects on black and white images, making filters and giving beautiful colors to the images, making the pictures appear sharply and beautifully, and eliminating fog and blurry pictures … And a lot of tools that I leave you to discover with the famous Nik Collection.

The program provides a huge set of professional photo editing tools, so that the final images appear to be taken by professionals. It is also a good helper for photographers to improve and modify their photos.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019

For clean and tidy photo editing using automatic optimization tools


  • Image optimization with one click
  • Good manual control


  • Auto optimization may get right or wrong

If you have a lot of photos that you need to edit in a hurry, then Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019 might be the tool for you. The program’s interface is clean and tidy, completely free of ads (though you will need to send an email address before you can start using it).

Fetching pictures is easy, and once you add them to the program, you can select several of them at once for rotation or mirroring, which saves you valuable time. You can also choose specific images to enhance using the software’s one-click optimization tool. In our tests, this worked particularly well in landscapes, but it wasn’t always great for other materials.

If you want to manually make color and exposure corrections, there are half a dozen options to let you do just that. Unfortunately you also can’t apply the same color changes to a whole bunch of photos at once, but this is a great free photo editor for quick corrections.

For more advanced editing, check out Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 – the premium version of the program with advanced optimization tools.


For professional level photo editing and various templates in your browser


  • A large selection of templates
  • Includes free cloud storage


  • There are no good tools for manual editing

Canva is an image editing program that works in your web browser, and is ideal for converting your favorite photos into cards, stickers, invitations, and social media. If you are interested in maintaining a polished look for your photos online, this is the perfect tool for you.

Canva has two levels, free and paid, but the free tier is ideal for home users. Simply sign up with your email address and you’ll get 1 GB of free cloud storage for your shots and designs, plus 8,000 templates for use and editing, and two volumes to keep your work organized.

You won’t find advanced tools like clone brushes and smart markers here, but there are a handful of easy-to-use sliders for applying tints, thumbnail effects, sharpening, adjusting brightness, saturation, contrast, and more. The text editing tools are intuitive, and there is a great selection of backgrounds and other graphics to complete your designs.


best photo editor free

One-click enhancements to make your photos shine in seconds


  • High level filters
  • Processing groups of images


  • There is no support for plugins

There are some pictures that need to be immortalized on the big screens. You can now edit your photos using easy addition options and you will not be a hostage to your mobile phone processor anymore. In addition, the slow internet speed on your mobile phone will not bother you anymore.

Fotor is designed to be a powerful photo-editing program that incorporates high-end image processing units with all the tools you need to do this professionally, such as adjusting brightness, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc. You can also add some small patterns in addition to cutting the image, rotating it and adjusting it as you like.

Another feature within the program is the improved image optimization, which allows you to remove all the defects that you see in the image. For example, there are many pictures taken in places that cannot control the lighting or camera settings to be appropriate for the place, so this feature of the program does this function to enable you to improve the quality of the image through 13 image improvement tools that you can choose between them by simply clicking on them. So, master now to edit and improve the quality of your photos with Fotor.

The (Fotor) program is a distinctive and free tool that has been carefully designed to add some final touches and beautiful effects to the images, and also improve the image and make it look better and clearer, also decorate the pictures with various frames done before printing, you can edit the images and have been modified and share them with friends directly on the Internet through Facebook, Twitter and the photo-sharing site Flickr, this program is very light on the system and consumes less processor and memory, you can now download the program and use it on your computer to modify and add effects to pictures and for free for life.

Photo Pos Pro

best photo editor free

A set of advanced photo editing tools built into a simple interface


  • Smart interface
  • Beginners and advanced modes


  • The resolution of exporting images is limited

Photo Pos Pro editor is not as well known as Paint.net and GIMP, but it is one of the free high-quality photo editing software packed with advanced photo enhancing tools.

This free photo editor interface is smarter and easier to access than GIMP’s set of menus and toolbars, thanks to everything being arranged in a logical and consistent way. If this still sounds intimidating to you, there is also an optional filter-based offering similar to Fotor’s. it’s your choice.

The advanced system provides both layers and layer masks for advanced editing, as well as tools for manually adjusting curves and planes. You can still access the one-click filters app via the main menu, but here the focus is more on subtle editing.


This program may look a little out of date, but it can still be relied on


  • Presence of layers and filters
  • Supports utility programs


  • Less powerful than GIMP

One of the best photo editing programs, writing on pictures and teaching children to draw on the computer, where you can deal with the painter program in order to produce a wonderful drawing for us. The painter program is an alternative to design and Photoshop programs, where you can through the painter program work all the traditional tasks that you implement through the Photoshop program.

We may usually fall into a problem when we want, for example, to write on pictures in a distinctive way or to make a cut of a part of the images, and we do not find an easy, simple program, and we resort to the Photoshop program, which is the largest design and graphics programs that no novice person can easily learn on it.

Drawing, design and image editing program, PaintDotNet is a free application that helps you to edit images, design and modify digital images on the computer, and you can also draw and make designs in a professional way, you can import images from the computer, edit them and make many changes, by adjusting and controlling the intensity of color contrast

And the intensity of the brightness of the lighting, as you can write explanations on the images and control the transparency of the images,

Also the Paint.NET program supports the design with the layers system to control the design elements with high accuracy, and you can also merge and group pictures with some in an attractive way, Paint.net is considered one of the best editing programs Free images, you can draw and edit your digital photos in an easy and simple way.

Paint.net program has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface providing you with all the tools you need in editing images arranged in a side menu.

Paint.NET is a free drawing and image editing program that you can use to achieve professional-level designs! Although the program is free and small in size, it provides you with a lot of tools that help you in drawing, editing pictures and making wonderful designs, you can cut part of the images, change the background of images, blur unwanted effects, as well as modify and improve images, color images and draw anything you want to draw If you are a beginner, you can succeed in editing and modifying images with ease, you can now download the paint.net program and use it on your computer to draw and edit your favorite digital photos for free and for life.

Yes, it lacks some tools in some areas, but if your device is short of power or RAM we cannot think of a better option.


Convert raw images, process batches, and a lot more


  • Convert RAW image files
  • A large selection of filters


  • Unusual interface

Photo editor and the most powerful photo-editing program PhotoScape, whose first version was released in 2008 by the company MootieTech, which is located in Corba. It has become very popular and distinctive among many users of Photoshop programs on the computer, and it can also work on mobile operating systems such as the Android system and the iPhone system, with this application you have all the powers that enable you to edit and modify images.

PhotoScape is one of the best and most popular programs that worked on editing and editing photos, and the ability to make effects on them to make them the best possible. PhotoSCape is one of the first programs to use, and it supports many languages, including English – Arabic – and other other languages. PhotoScape is one of the best and most powerful programs in the new photo synthesis program, as it helps you to modify and install effects External to the image to be modified easily so that it is natural.

Because of the updates made to the photo editor program, photoscape, new additions of the tools that are used in editing and writing on the images, as well as the operations of cutting, pasting and editing images, it also enables you to increase the quality of images, the simplicity of the program brings many users pleasure in modifying, beautifying and increasing the quality of images.

Sumo Paint

The editing power is in the browser, but the tools are less than we would like.

When I ran the SumoWare site, I thought that I was working on the Photoshop program and as if it was installed on the computer due to the professionalism of the design and the wonderful programming of the program as it deals on the Internet page as if it were a program installed on the computer without any cutting and complete tools for the program.

The program is wonderful. Sometimes you need to modify an image on a device that does not have an image editing program such as Photoshop, the best solution is to run the site and modify your photos.

The program is easy to learn and deal with. Open the program and learn its tools and how to modify and add effects to images through the wonderful program Sumo.

Pixlr X

best photo editor free

A comprehensive image editor built into the browser for fast results


  • Uses HTML5 instead of Flash
  • Modern design


  • Less powerful than Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor is a free photo editor that can be accessed directly from your browser. It comes with the full suite of editing features anyone would expect. Pixlr Editor There will be no need to download anything. The available tools and features are comparable to most popular photo editing software, such as Gimp, Paint Shop Pro, and Photoshop. It has many features found in desktop programs, but it does not take up any space. Just a few of its many features are blur tools, cloning tools, drawing tools, red-eye removal, selection tools, and spot removal tools.

It provides an image filter like blurry blur, glow sparkle, high-resolution simulation, oblique displacement, and zoom out, just a small sample. All of these filters can be used from the web browser that includes Pixlr Editor. More skilled photo editors will find that Pixlr also offers more advanced features that allow users to adjust hue, saturation, brightness and contrast. Curves, transitions and levels can also be modified. Just add it to your internet browser and start using it right away. Pixlr Editor is the first choice when it comes to an online photo editor and it is one of the most powerful photo editing software available in the whole world.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

best photo editor free

A convenient way to correct lighting and exposure problems


  • Advanced filters
  • Modern design


  • Flash required

As the name suggests, Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is a browser-based limited edition of the company’s flagship photo-editing program. Perhaps surprisingly, it has a more comprehensive toolkit than the downloadable Photoshop Express app, but it only supports JPG images less than 16MB.

Again, this is a Flash-based tool, but Adobe provides easy-to-use mobile apps for all platforms so that you never miss out if you are using a smartphone or tablet.

The free online photo editor has everything you’d expect from Adobe, and while it doesn’t feature as many tools as some of its competitors, everything there is polished to perfection. You will be delighted with Adobe Photoshop Express Editor. Its only drawbacks are the limitations of the size and types of uploaded files, and the lack of support for layers.


best photo editor free

Fun photo editor to prepare your photos for social media


  • Provides a bunch of pictures that already exist
  • Social media templates


  • Some tools require a paid subscription

It is one of the best image editing software and PiZap is available online in HTML5 and Flash versions, which makes it suitable for any device. You can choose to work with an image from your hard drive, Facebook, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Search, or the stored image catalog. This is an impressive choice, although some of the images are only available to paid subscription owners. You will need to keep an eye out for copyright issues if you use a direct image from Google Images.

PiZap’s editing interface has a modern, dark design that makes it suitable for extensive use of scroll bars for quick adjustments – it’s a system that works much better than challenging icons and dropdown menus if you’re using a touch screen device.

When you’re done, you can share your creativity on all of the largest social networks, as well as piZap, Dropbox and Google Drive servers. Alternatively, you can save it to your hard drive, email it, or get an embed code. You can only export your work in high quality if you are only a paid subscription, but for simple sharing on social networks it is unlikely that there will be a problem.


Program for viewing images with a package of editing and converting tools.

A program to review many types of images, video, audio and many other fıle types, In addition to running all the previous extensions it Supports Photoshop filters and also it has Quick presentation of images and files (jpg) to (gif) with Converting image types to others, for example: The possibility of dividing pictures – Adding effects to the images – The ability to capture images and parts of images from anywhere in addition to a lot of features.

IrfanView works on all versions of the Windows operating system, as well as other versions that work on both Linux and Mac OS.

IrfanView has various features that make it a unique and easy-to-use program for beginners in addition to powerful features for professionals at the same time.

On1 Effects 10 free

Selective filter for advanced photo effects.

ON1 Effects 10 is a free application for Windows through which you can add many filters and ready-made and professional effects to images, the program provides a number of classifications, each category contains a set of filters and effects, choose the filter or effect and it will be applied to the selected image, for the effects you can add two On the other hand, you can use the masks to apply the filter or the effect to a specific area in the image, and do not forget that you can also color and light each filter or effect to modify it in the way you like.

“With the modern code ideal for high-pixel high-pixel cameras and high-performance PC graphics systems,” ON1 says, “Photo RAW will be the fastest, most flexible and easiest-to-use processor and image editor on the market.” ON1 calls this program “The Future of RAW Photo Editor.” It is a big claim but a claim they support. Other RAW editors have said that the program is rooted from the beginnings of digital photography where a high mega-pixel DSLR camera was not imaginable, and on the contrary, Photo RAW Supports pure technical image processing but has been adapted for modern sensors and computers.

Dive into the features, the ON1 Photo RAW not only includes the typical adjustments that we are used to “contrast, exposure, shadows, highlights, etc.” but also allows you to add effects and finalize the image in a non-destructive way. ON1 says, “The complex filters and effects found in ON1 Effects and ON1 Portrait,” including blur lenses, skin processing, motion contrast, parallax HDR, and more are all available in a non-destructive Photo RAW workflow. The controls in ON1 Photo RAW will also respond at the same time with cards. Recent video compression, using the latest versions of OpenGL and OpenCL ”.