Best Gift Ideas For Photographers

Whether you are the photographer as if you’re looking for a gift for a photographer, you are in the right place. Here you will find ideas from photo gift for everyone: amateurs and professionals, newcomers and veterans, by budgets and even by type of photographer.

I am very conscious of what it can cost to choose a good gift, that’s why I’ve written this mega guide to make it much easier to find what you are looking for, and don’t miss the illusion that accompanies the fact of giving.

First I’m going to leave you with 21 concrete ideas.

Then, at the end of the article, I will let you various lists of gifts depending on your budget and the type of photographer that you or the person you want to give away.


It is the gift star for many new fans, and many other ancient that they want change. The choice of a camera is not something simple, more if it is to give away, but our greatest goal is to give you a hand.

That’s why we have a number of solutions.

The first is this tool that I created specifically for all those who ask me Which camera should I buy?” 

The second option is Best buy site, where you can find a more in-depth information about a specific model and compare it with any other.

Another option are these articles with tips and suggestions for when buying a camera. To make no mistake in the choice, so that you do not give a cat as a hare and to save you headaches, we have this for you:

Gift For Photographer
The camera, the gift star for any photographer

If this were not enough, we also have many articles with specific recommendations depending on the type of camera you’re after:

  1. The Best DSLR Nikon CamerasMy recommendations for those of you who are starting in the world of photography and are clear that they want a DSLR camera.
  2. 22 Best photography cameras for beginners & professionals For those who want to take it a step further in the photograph. That is to say, already have a route, but your camera has been damaged or complain that they have been too small because it does not allow them to do what they want.
  3. The best compact cameras: small enough for a pocket but still top qualityNot everyone needs a DSLR or mirrorless. Compact cameras are the most suitable for those who want to make good photos but no complicated life changing objectives and, in addition, they want to fit them in your pocket.
  4. Best 10 Mirrorless Cameras Not all the photography is DSLR. Many photographers opt for the cameras mirrorless or without a mirror, for several reasons. One is because they tend to be smaller and lighter. Lovers of the street photography or photographers, travelers are a good example. Although there are many more.
  5. The best Bridge camerasThese cameras are ideal for those who want to do photography of all kinds. Enjoy photographing from the ants to the craters of the moon. They are not overly demanding with the quality, but want a camera with which to photograph absolutely everything without having to change lens.
  6. Best action camerasThen there are the adventurers and athletes who don’t even have to be photography enthusiasts, but I would like to be logged practicing your favorite sport or living experiences more crazy and risky. An action camera is a perfect gift for them.
  7. Best Underwater CamerasScuba diving, underwater world and children are the perfect recipients for this type of cameras.


A good lens is the perfect complement, ideal and necessary for a camera, mirrorless or DSLR camera.

Will be the window to creativity.

Objectives there are many prices and types, as happens with the cameras.

Gift For Photographer
With an aim to give creative options


In this blog we are really loving the natural light, however, we are also aware of the benefits of flash, and we know that an external one is one of those gifts that photographers know how to appreciate and thank you always.

Here’s a list of the best flash.


Gift not suitable for specimens of study 😉 .

However, this is one of those gifts that make people happy photographers explorers, who love to perform getaways, photo, travel, to always load with the whole team or for a great part, night photography, or go out to capture stunning images of bad weather.

And if you already have one that you’re happy, you will give me the reason.

Gift For Photographer
The perfect gift for the photographer more adventurous

At the time of choosing the backpack is most suitable for camera photo, check out the buying guide in the link, with advice and recommendations.


Not every photographer needs a tripod, you can live without it, unless you want to do self-portraits, photographing the night, the stars, night landscapes, the silk effect of the water, movement, etc, In these cases it is essential to have one.

Choosing a good tripod will also depend on the needs of each one (and the budget, of course).

In the following link you leave tips for buying a tripod. Inside you’ll also find recommendations by price and by type of photographer.


Ideal gift for photographers, lovers of the heights, the landscapes and the dishes drone.

Gift For Photographer

There are many types and prices, Here are a list of best drones for beginners. with some important tips


A book has always seemed to me a good gift. And if it is photo don’t say nothin’.

You can take a look at these photography books essential or opt-out of these ideas of books to give to photographers.


There are those that are expressed through the t-shirts with their favorite bands of music, also favorite or even your favorite hobby: Photography.

Here are some nice tishirt designs on Amazon to choose from


Now one of the gifts fit for the photographers coffee growers, such as a server.

Here are some nice tishirt designs on Amazon to choose from

I hope that this list will serve you for help and you get to surprise that person you both matter to you.

If so we would appreciate it if you share this article on your favorite social networks. Thank you and Happy Holidays!