GoPro Guide: capture the action and get most spectacular images

In this article, I intend to collect all the information related to the action cameras in general and to the GoPro cameras in particular. I am going to resolve all your doubts and to answer the most frequently asked questions related to this types of cameras. From the ideal user up tips for photographing with them, going on, how could it not, for recommendations of the best GoPro cameras. If you are looking for information about this type of cameras, this is your place. Get comfortable and take note or save it as a favorite in order not to lose sight of him, because all this is what we will see.

What is a GoPro?

A GoPro is an action camera, specifically the brand GoPro , which, in addition to cameras, you also have the other products.

What is an action camera?

An action camera is a small camera, compact, and lightweight, which is particularly useful for capturing adventures. Sports, extreme experiences, speed, dives aquatic and angles impossible are the specialties of these cameras. There are submersible and do as much photos as video recordings.

Who are the GoPro cameras?

If yours is to get pictures wherever you go and whatever you do, you’re in the water, in the air, or skiing at high speed, it is for you. Although the GoPro is not the only model of camera-oriented situations or extreme sports, it is the most well-known and, probably, the best in its more advanced models.

In fact, the GoPro has become the name that is used for virtually all action cameras. If you listen to someone saying that you have bought a GoPro for 20 euros, in reality, he bought an action camera of another brand cheaper, then we’ll go deeper in this topic. But for that you finish placing, say GoPro cameras action is such as to call clínex (Kleenex) to the tissue paper, or Nutella to the cream of Cocoa.

I think that the reason for that action cameras have so much success is because they are addressed to anyone who pirre the style of the images that you do. Thanks to its lens Super Wide-Angle lens, you can gather a lot of environment within the frame. This allows you to include the protagonists with a good portion of the landscape, or sticking to quite a lot of people within the same image.

In addition, as we shall see immediately, thanks to its accessories, you can create images with different points of view and situations, than any other camera you would be able to. Does not need to be a enthusiast of the freestyle, with which you like swimming in summer, skiing in winter or hiking up the mountain once in a while, because you can find many uses for these versatile cameras.

Yes, if you are a fan of adventure sports and want to show the fascinating environments and situations in which you move, an action camera is your ideal camera, without a doubt.

Now, if the size so small, the resistance to shock or to the climatologías adverse are not your priority and you are looking for image quality and advanced options, then you need to look for an advanced compact camera.

What can you do with an action camera?

I’ve already gained quite a lot, but to give you ideas and to clarify more, here’s a list of some of the utilities of the GoPro cameras, we’re going to call you as well as we are among friends, though we are speaking of the action cameras in general.

  • To record a fall in parachute, your experience in white water rafting, rappelling, bungee jumping, Wingsuiting Flying or any other extreme sport that ends in -ing (or not), but that will raise your adrenaline levels obscene…
  • Capture the sequence of how surfeas a wave.
  • Immortalize the bottom of the sea or, as put, in the mouth of a shark .
  • Photograph your relaxed bike ride or your descent down the mountain with your Mountain Bike at full speed. Or even on a bike if yours is the extreme speed.
  • Capture street scenes with angles impossible without being seen.
  • Make your selfies more crazy with your friends.
  • Place it inside your guitar, and record how your fingers to tear the ropes.
  • Put it in the collar, or on the back of your pet and know what it does, where it hides or “how you see the world”.
  • Or to know what to see your baby from your cart while paseáis.
  • Even, why not?, use as a spy camera.

In short, anything that you would like to record and/or photograph with your dslr camera, evil or compact you can’t secure with an action camera you can do it.

Characteristics of the action cameras

As I advance in the introduction, the GoPro cameras are designed and prepared for extreme scenarios such as snow, water and high-speed sports. Thanks to its small size, its body is lightweight and waterproof, and its accessories fastening, fits almost any extreme situation the face.

But… beware!, not all action cameras are aquatic, although they are not, they can be with a sheath tight, that is to say, a cover for dip, like the following image.

GoPro cameras

Since there are different models, it is evident that the specific features vary from one to the other, but there are a few general that apply to all the action cameras:

  • Size: more or less move around 6.2 x 4.4 x 3.2 cm
  • Digital lens: SuperView, Wide, Linear, Narrow in the top model, and Wide-Angle in the more “basic”.
  • Very lightweight: all the models move around a weight approximate: 120g.
  • Waterproof without housing to 10 m and with a housing (sold as accessory) up to 40m.
  • Resolution of up to 20MP, depending on the model.
  • Video recording, some up to 5k.
GoPro cameras black
Water resistant

More advanced features of the GoPro cameras

In addition to the general features, including more advanced models, you can find these others:

  • Touch screen.
  • Control by voice.
  • Video stabilizer.
  • GPS.
  • WIFI connectivity and Bluetooth.
  • Application to edit the videos and the images and control the camera remotely.
go pro water

What is the quality of the action cameras?

The qualitative leap that have given these cameras in a few years, it is amazing. To be little more than cameras curious almost toy, to which they have become today. Cameras with up to 20MP and recording in 5k, slow motion, with a stabilization of vertigo, time lapse or night mode, the truth is that the jump is amazing.

To be able to have, in addition, a focal type fish-eye, which is transformed in different styles and focus, touch screen, voice control, GPS, and even able to work under the water without a casing, all in just over 100g of weight that fit in the palm of the hand of a small child, is a delight.

They complement each other through their many accessories, because these cameras are designed not only for you to make pictures by pressing the shutter-release button, but to let them work automatically (video, burst) while you are yourself the protagonist of the action.

Thanks to this, you can obtain images in the circumstances and from the point of view only ones that would otherwise be impossible. On top of a helmet, in a table, Snow or Surf, on the handlebars of a bicycle, in the chest… can you Imagine how many different points of view you can get only thanks to the accessories GoPro?

Because, not only is the camera with the GoPro has taken the initiative, but, and, above all, with everything that complements it and allows you to take to any party to do anything that you will pass by the head, above the clouds or under the sea.

In terms of image quality, of course, depends on the camera. There are from 20 € to 400, and the difference is noted, obviously. Some economic models offer a quality that is quite decent, especially if it’s to share on social networks. And if we talk about the GoPro is more advanced, then pass the exam with note. Obviously, they’re not going to reach the quality of a dslr for the same price starting with the size of the sensor, but is that with a dslr you could never make the photos you would do with an action camera. As I always say, there is not the perfect camera, but the ideal camera for each user.

As a sample of what they are capable of doing, then I leave a gallery of photos taken with different models of GoPro.

Examples of photos taken with a GoPro

As an example of the GoPro Hero9 Black, the better you get at this video and as well sales of doubts about what you can do.

Tips for photographing and filming with a GoPro

Now is the time to see how you can take advantage of the action cameras, with these tips, your photos will be more dramatic, and your videos much more interesting:

  1. Set the appropriate settings according to the type of photos that you would like to perform and of the situation. Always check the settings before you record or shoot.
  2. Clean the lens before you get to record or photograph. It is easy to be dirty from fingerprints, dust, or is tarnished. A wipe soft and ready.
  3. Photography pretty light. As have the small sensor, the photos with light-come out much better than when the light is low. Although, during the dawn and dusk you can also achieve amazing photos.
  4. Think about what you want to record or photograph and how. Analyze what you want to capture with the GoPro will save you not only have useless material accumulated, but think of the composition or the quality of your video to get you the best results. Compose your photos or videos just as you would with a mobile phone or any other camera.
  5. And speaking of composition, changes the angle from which you are recording video. A long video all the time from the same point of view is a-b-u-r-r-i-d-I-if-m-o. Change the perspective and distance, to do this, use the accessories, and, of course, we see your creativity!! Oh, that’s it, that that is free and does not weigh or occupy space in the backpack!
  6. In the water you’ll use these tips.
  7. Stabilizes the camera. There are a lot of accessories to stabilize your GoPro, all kinds of brackets depending on the activity you’re doing. Use them as give you the stability you need for photos, and, above all, for the videos.
  8. Takes care of the funds. These cameras stand out for having a large depth of field, so I recommend you locate funds are interesting because they are going to see yes or yes, here there is the option of blur so that the bottom does not distinguish.
  9. Grábate using accessories, such as a stick selfie, tripod or any other (later you’ll see the amount of accessories available). In this way, the angle is better, there is less distortion of the face and, as I’ve already mentioned, a greater stabilization.
  10. In outdoor, caring for the sound if you’re talking about or if you’re going to leave the sound of the moment. Resguárdate of the wind so that there is a disturbing noise behind or use the right accessories to minimize this unpleasant noise.
  11. For videos, the highest quality that you enjoy (for example, what to record in 4k if you’re going to watch videos in the mobile and you do not intend to share them?). You will save storage and battery.
  12. I know original. Try new things, be daring, be creative and show your own vision.

How long does the battery of a GoPro?

The duration of the battery depends on the model of the camera. Approximately, last about 90 minutes, although some may come to pass 2h.

If we take into account that these cameras are to the action and that the normal thing is to use them in natural environments, the most recommendable thing is to carry spare batteries, because recharged in the moment, in general, is not an easy task. However, thinking about possible emergencies, I leave you the following tricks.

How to lengthen the battery of the GoPro?

As I said, the ideal is to bring a spare battery, or even a solar charger if your adventure will last for several days in the wilderness, but there are also certain gestures with which you can get to extend the battery life in situations of emergency:

  • Turn it off when not in use.
  • Disconnect the Wifi function, and all those functions that do not need it.
  • Lower the resolution of the recording.
  • Do not use the burst.
  • To avoid the remote trigger.
  • Charging from the power plug from the wall instead of from a USB drive.
  • To turn off the voice control.
  • Keep it close to your body, the cold makes the batteries are depleted before.

Also, keep in mind that, the more time you have a battery, the less it will last. Therefore, the new batteries have a longer duration. In addition, you should know that the battery will be discharged even if they are not in use, so remember to charge it as well after being a long time without using it, although you’d stop with a full load.

This leads me to speak of the problems presented by the GoPro.

Problems of the GoPro cameras

These are the most common problems or commented on by users of the GoPro, just for the note:

  • If you discharge the battery of a GoPro new in two or three days when power is off, it is not normal, is it normal that download slowly, but not quite so fast.
  • If you record in 4k or 5k, the camera can be warm too. Not always pass even with all but is quite common.
  • Sometimes it stays frozen to the image of the Hero 7, is resolved by changing the battery, but sometimes the situation is not the most appropriate in order to take out the battery, for example if you are scuba diving.
  • The GoPro Hero 9 is not gold that glitters, below I will tell you why.

Accessories for GoPro cameras

With the accessories, I always had the feeling of “if you dream it, you got it” Almost everything you can think of, they have already thought about it before, and I have prepared the perfect accessory to do so.

  • Camera case and/or battery
  • Cover of camera
  • Protective screen
  • Harnesses to the chest
  • Smart Remote (remote trigger)
  • Head strap
  • Retaining Clip
  • Top floating (or, commonly, known as palo selfie )
  • Suction cups
  • Support bar (handlebar, seat post of the bike)
  • Faceplate helmet
  • Mounts to tripod
  • Support for hand, wrist, arm or foot
  • Support for surfboard
  • Filters diving to improve the photos and videos under the water (make sure that they are compatible with your camera, of course).
  • Diving mask with camera support action such as, for example, these.
  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Microphone
  • Illustrations fog
  • Adapters cable microHDMI-to-HDMI
  • Tripod or mini tripod (the best mini tripods here).
  • And everything you can imagine, up harness for dogs with support for your action camera
GoPro cameras
The action cameras are equipped with a host of accessories

If you want the original you can buy it from its official page, if you feel the same, you can find everything that you can imagine on Amazon at prices much lower.

Generic applications for action cameras

In addition to the own of each brand, there are generic applications that allow you to connect your action camera with your mobile phone via Wifi, this way you can shoot remotely or directly publish in social networks:

XDV (Android /iOS)

This application is compatible with many brands and models including action cameras very inexpensive. Serves up to shoot remotely, to manage the photos and to share on social networks.

OKCAM (Android/ iOS)

Another compatible application, for a camera works the foregoing and for other this, it is best to try to find the one that works for you or, better said, to your camera. Although if yours is Victure, it is more likely that this is your application.

iSmart DV (Android / iOS)

If you do not work above, you can also try with this one to control your camera remotely and manage your photos.

Applications for GoPro

If you have a GoPro, you need to have these applications:

GoPro (Android/ iOS)

To control remotely, view and manage your recordings from your phone, share and edit your photos.


Quik is an excellent application to edit and create videos.

In addition to all these apps, remember that there are other applications for photo editing free and paid, have the camera that you have.

How to choose a GoPro?

Since cameras are very simple to use, the question is more “how much am I willing to spend’, because the benefits extras are not always necessary, but never do any harm. A bit more quality here and there or a pijada more here and there can always come in handy, and for the same size and weight never left. Yes, it depends on how is the pocket-and the needs you have

You have to make sure is to find a camera that meets what you’re looking for within your budget. I of it, before you choose to respond to this kind of questions in addition to that I’ve already raised above:

  • What features do I look for?
  • Do I need yes or yes you have GPS?
  • What is imprescincible the voice control?
  • How important is the sound of the audio?
  • What I’m going to use very sparingly or very often?
  • What is the quality of video do I need? What use am I going to give to the videos?
  • What is the quality of photo do I need? What I’m going to print? What size? Is it only for posting on social networks?

To answer this type of questions will help to determine the characteristics that you have that from when looking for your action camera or your GoPro ideal.

Action cameras cheap vs. GoPro

As I have told you that the GoPro are the action camera with the most fame and to which is attributed a higher quality. Maybe so in its more advanced models, or that it was in the beginning, however, there are already so many models and price ranges that this is not a truth without hesitation, since there are numerous alternatives.

What is certain that the action cameras more economic as the weaknesses optical stabilization, the failure of the connectivity with the mobile application, presences of colours unreal, sensors of smaller size and/or quality.

Now the million dollar question.

What I bought a GoPro or an action camera cheap?

If you still you’re asking this question, consider really what you need.

Do you want to use usual? Do you care about the quality of videos and sound because you have content to share? Are you going to market with them or do some professional work? Are you a professional extreme sport and you need to document your exploits? In this case you’ll have to be more demanding in the choice.

On the contrary, are you thinking of a toy?, do you want to test, to experiment, to use it as a supplement to another camera type dslr or EVIL?, is it to use it with children? Then you’re probably suffice with an action camera cheap.

Let’s look at some models recommended GoPro-like action cameras more affordable.

Best action cameras for econimoc choice

If you just want to play, experiment, give it to a child, having fun in the pool with your children or recording your first bike rides, and not going to give you a greater use, you should know that there are action cameras very inexpensive to perform these duties without a problem and without having to suffer too much if the child is lost, it falls from the top of the mountain, or just in the washing machine . Let’s see what are the best action cameras more affordable (for less than 30 euros):

Piwoka: ideal for children, 1080p video up to 30 fps, with housing is water-resistant to 30m. Not recommended for interior or situations with very little light. Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 4 cm; Weight: 300g

See the price on Amazon

Dragon Touch Vision 1. 1080p, remote control, splash-resistant and water-resistant housing. For a little more you have the Vision 3 records in 4k.

See the price on Amazon

Alternatives to the GoPro

Not all cameras that are not of the brand GoPro, are of a toy, there is also a number of cameras with very good price which can be an alternative to the GoPro if the level of demand is not very high, but you want something more decent than an action camera of € 20 to play with, or if you want the best of the best but your budget does not give you to the sought-after GoPro. These are my recommendations:

APEMAN A80. Sports camera that records in 4k. 20 MP, Wifi integrated, water-resistant up to 40m depth, stabilization, and multiple shooting modes, including mode diving.

See the price on Amazon

Victure AC940. Recording at 4K/60FPS, 20MP, Wifi, Touch Screen, image stabilization, advanced 6-axis and is waterproof up to 5m without casing. To dive the more you use a suitable housing.

See the price on Amazon

GoPro cameras

AKASO Brave 7. Wifi, recording in 4K (30fps), 20MP, Touch Screen, water resistant to rain, snow or splashing, underwater Camera waterproof 40M with housing, stabilizer, digital zoom, several shooting modes and a remote control.

See the price on Amazon

GoPro cameras

AKASO V50 Elite. Wifi, recording 4K at 60fps, 20MP, Touch Screen, Control of Vo,z Camera water Submersible 40M, stabilizer, Zoom 8x, Remote Control.

See the price on Amazon

Solar XG ACTIVEON XCA10W. Fast charge to 80% in 30, 14MP, Wifi, 1080p recording at 60fps, touch Screen, stabilizer, with waterproof housing, up to 60 m, and solar charging.

See the price on Amazon

DJI Osmo Action Cam. With dual-display, water resistant 11m, more square with housing, stabilizer, touch-screen, rear waterproof, 12 MP, shooting speed from 120s to 1/8000s, different shooting modes, including modes manual and semimanuales, videos, 4K / 60 fps, voice control and much more.

See the price on Amazon

Best GoPro cameras

Then you have the main characteristics and price of the most recent models and with better performance, although the above models are equally easy to find on Amazon or other websites, and even in physical stores.

GoPro Hero7 Silver

It is the most easily within the range today. With 10MP, allows to obtain a maximum of 15 frames per second, is sealed against dust and water up to 10m, and record videos with high quality 4K.
Also added voice control, touch screen, GPS, recording, slow-motion 2x, WIFI and Bluetooth, built-in battery and image stabilizer among many other features.

See the price on Amazon

GoPro Hero7 Black

Of similar characteristics with respect to its sister silver, but with some improvements non-negligible, as their 12MP, function SuperFoto (which applies HDR, tone mapping local or noise reduction automatically to optimize the shots), a speed burst of up to 30 fps, or their different optical digital (SuperView, Wide, Linear).
It also offers the possibility of working in RAW, have a removable battery, stabilizer, improved video with HyperSmooth, and the possibility of live broadcast at 720p. In addition, you can manually control the color, white balance and shutter speed, among other features.

See the price on Amazon

GoPro Hero8 Black

Model with HDR improved compared to the predecessor Hero7 Black, 12MP resolution, recording in 4k, removable battery, touch screen, video stabilization, improved with the version HyperSmooth 2.0, capture videos sequential, and their different lenses digital SuperView, Wide, Linear, Narrow.
In addition to capturing in RAW, that allows you to customize settings, you have control and voice activation, video sequence of the night, broadcast live to 1080p, slow motion 8x, stereo audio.
With regard to the design, it comes built-in mounting slot, so you get that we should not add an enclosure to connect to other accessories. Of course, it also has Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc., between other features.

See the price on Amazon

GoPro Hero9 Black

This camera is the latest model of GoPro and, honestly, I don’t know what more can you ask for in an action camera. 20 MP, recording up to 5k and has “more of everything” with respect to its predecessors, so much so that you also have a larger size (due primarily to their larger screens and their battery more durable). Highlights include the correction of the horizon, the new front screen with preview, slow motion x8, and, above all, the stabilization of videos that it is stunning. Another novelty is that it can be removed without problem the protector of the lens, a good news because if it breaks, you can change it yourself.

You don’t need the plastic support for attaching accessories, and support, it is already integrated a system to be able to do so directly on the camera. In addition, it comes with a case to store it, which is awesome.

See the price on Amazon

I leave you the video of the presentation and if you want more details, you can watch it on the official page of GoPro.

Disadvantages: as you have accessories for the GoPro Hero8 type microphone, focus, etc, GoPro9 won’t suit those accessories, so you’re going to have to buy other one.

You also lose the connectivity HDMI to view video with the cable that came of the series. Now you need an extra accessory that has a price negligible, although it would also serve to add external microphone. On the other hand, if you’re more of videos and screenshots of the night, this model does not improve precisely the opposite. Nothing is perfect in this life, what we’re going to do.

If you are looking for a comparison between these last three, look at this video, is in English, but the pictures are pretty illustrative if you don’t understand what it says.

There is also the GoPro Max, but I’ll talk about in a future article dedicated to the cameras 360º.

For today we have reached the end. I hope that you have found interesting and useful. Above all, if you already have one from these GoPro cameras, of whatever kind, this information has served to give a higher and better use. If so, please share it with someone else who can use it and if you have a comment to add, don’t be shy, I read them all.