How To Setup Home Studio In Variable Budgets

Since you have chosen this article, you are interested in providing high-quality video recording to your audience? Perhaps you are wondering what equipment you need and what budget will it cost you? Do not worry, you will not need to spend a lot on advanced equipment to create a studio inside or outside the home, as you can produce high-quality videos from filming to editing and then publishing them on social media in easy ways.
According to your available budget. Read on to find out for yourself in this article how to setup a video recording home studio without spending too much 😉

Choose the right camera

Camera equipment can be expensive, so the camera is often the biggest obstacle for beginners youtubers, especially with the desire to create high-quality videos, which is why we discuss it at the beginning of this article.
Here are some good options for capturing high-quality video: –

The free option

The latest smartphones have amazing cameras, as iPhones and similar Samsung phones and other modern models produced after 2015 are good enough to use for shooting videos.
The smartphone is also ideal for photography on the go, just find a high place to place the camera or use a tripod and then start shooting. So if you don’t have the budget to invest in a camera, just use your smartphone.

Here are some quick tips for recording with a smartphone camera:

  • Look at the viewfinder while recording. If you look at yourself on the screen, your eyes will not be directed at the viewers.
  • Position the camera in landscape orientation, not in portrait orientation.
  • Position the camera slightly above eye level. Don’t keep it too low or viewers will look at your chin. Likewise, do not raise it too much but rather leave it at the desired level.

Video recording takes up a lot of space on your phone so you will need to periodically transfer your files to PC to ensure there is enough space for recording. Dropbox is a good choice for this. If you are a Mac user, AirDrop is a fast and easy way to transfer files between iPhone and Mac.
As an alternative to your smartphone, you can use an iPad (if you have one) or the built-in camera on your computer. For the best quality, your device should be able to record in 1920 x 1080 dimensions.

For the small budget

For the small budget, the eMeet C980 Pro is a good option ($ 120). It produces high-definition videos, and is connected to the computer via a USB cable, and has the ability to install and install with a tripod with ease of use. One of the downsides is that you cannot use this camera on the go as it needs to be connected via USB to a computer. (You can take your laptop with you, but it might sound daunting.)

home studio recording

Download the camera app to a computer to change the white balance, fine-tune autofocus, and so on. In our Arab countries, you may need to change the camera settings from 60Hz to 50Hz; Otherwise, video disturbances may occur due to lighting frequencies with different countries but you can easily change these settings in the camera smoothly.

For a bigger budget

If you want higher quality, then look to digital SLR cameras like the $ 580 Nikon D3300 or the $ 429 Canon Rebel T6. A number of floggers use these cameras with microphones and produce high-quality video.

Get a tripod to mount the camera

After choosing your camera, you’ll need a Tripod to hold it while shooting. The appropriate tripod depends on which camera you will be using.

The free option

If you don’t have the budget for a tripod, find a rack to place your camera on to provide balance. A combination of books might work, too. If you’re using the eMeet C980 Pro webcam, it sits nicely above your computer screen, and this might be the right height.

For the small budget

Joby Gorilla Pods Set are flexible and great tripods for small budgets. You will find a number of options ranging from $ 15 and up. The more expensive tripod supports more weight, like DSLR or iPad; And cheaper models are designed for smartphones.

Another affordable option for an iPhone or camera is the KCOOL Octopus Style Adjustable Portable Tripod Stand ($ 12). It also contains a remote control and other things.

For a bigger budget

If you want a tripod to measure your height, the 70-inch monopod with a carrying case for $ 45 is worth a try. Or just search for “tripod” on Amazon and you’ll be able to buy one for under $ 50.

Create ideal lighting conditions

Good lighting is critical to your video, and one of the sure ways to make your video poor quality is to shoot it in poor lighting. Here are a variety of lighting options to consider.

The free option

the sun! Yes, natural light always remains the best of lights. If possible, try registering in a location with as much natural light as possible. Feel free to use a desk light or any other lamp to add other lights. However, keep in mind if the light is not glowing it will cause an unnatural yellow glow that we recommend that you avoid.
Tip: When recording, always point to the light source as much as possible, so your entire face appears in the light. If the light is behind you, you will get a silhouette.

For a small budget

If you have a small budget, the LimoStudio Continuous Light White Umbrella can be $ 29. It will really help you with good photography.

For a bigger budget

Simply lighting Ring Lights makes any photography look good. Here’s a good option if you have a bigger budget: $ 219 Diva Ring Light Nova 18.

home studio recording

Invest in a quality microphone

Generally speaking, the more expensive the microphone, the better the quality. Although there are some free options, we suggest budgeting for a good microphone as poor sound quality is unforgiving.

The free option

If you are using your smartphone to record video, the microphone can provide you with good sound as long as you stand close to the phone and shoot in a quiet room without noise or wind. The built-in microphones on most computers or laptops usually don’t produce high-quality sound but feel free to test this.

For a small budget

If you’re on a modest budget, consider the Rode smartLav + Lavalier Microphone for iPhones and Smartphones ($ 79). It works great with a smartphone and records good sound and is especially useful if you are shooting outside or standing a short distance from your phone. Also if you have a splitter, you can get two mics for interviewing.
Tip: Do not plug the Lavalier Mic close to your head; you will be surprised at how well it catches the sounds.

Microphone with youtuber

For a bigger budget

The $ 129 Blue Yeti USB Microphone is used by many YouTube channel owners and podcast creators, and it’s a great option if your budget is bigger. It is the type of microphone we use when recording videos, conducting interviews, and recording podcasts.
Bear in mind that Yeti mics are very sensitive and will pick up the smallest noises, like vibration or knocking on the table, footsteps, etc. of annoying background noises. To minimize this, we recommend getting a set that includes a microphone, a mic boom, and a pop filter, for a cost of about $ 139.

If you don’t want to buy a mic and pop filter boom, place the Blue Yeti on top of a thick book and be careful not to click on the table or move around too much while recording; You will be amazed at how important this is

Set up a professional looking wallpaper

Creating a beautiful and attractive background for your video is an important stage and you should focus on it, because it will determine the initial impression of your videos. The background you choose will determine the direction and style of your videos. Is it fun or sad? Serious, funny, etc.

The free option

The cheapest wallpaper is simply use what you have. Often times a nice bookcase in your home will do the trick. You can display a library and trophies and add some emojis like balloons to add a little fun.
The background will look great and cost nothing (well, you’ll spend a few dollars).

home studio setup

For a small budget

Finding beautiful background for your video clips can be challenging, especially if you work from home. In this case, consider investing in a wallpaper such as a 6-1 / 2 ′ x 10 studio recording fabric for around $ 60.

For a bigger budget

If you plan to spend a larger budget, a double-size banner with some pop-up banner might be suitable for the background. The price for these banners varies widely, depending on the quality, size and print fee. You should be able to get a decent banner for $ 100- $ 400.

Choose the right video editing program for you

There are many good video editing software available with various prices but HitFilm and Adobe Premiere Pro are one of the best. Here is a list of some popular editing software options in order of free to the most expensive software.

home studio setup

IMovie program

IMovie (Free) is only available for the Mac, is easy to use and has lots of useful features. It is ideal for beginners.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker (Free) is basic and easy to use, and previously came standard with Windows computers. However, Windows has now discontinued this, so it’s no longer considered a great option.

HitFilm Program

Using HitFilm is a good recommendation, and it’s available at several price levels for both PC and Mac. The variety and good features are sure to be directed towards filmmakers. However, the free version is ideal for beginners and seasoned video professionals. It has more features than iMovie and is easy to use. And for the free version, you can tweet or post recommendations about HitFilm which is a very smart way to promote their products.

Apple Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro for nearly $ 299 is an iMovie update released by Apple for Mac users. It is a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use tool.

Adobe Premier Pro software

Adobe Premiere Pro is available at around $ 13 / month for Mac, Windows and mobile phones at a reasonable price per month if you edit a lot of videos. It’s the most versatile option on this list, but it might also be the right one if you’re just starting out.

Choose a graphic design program

You will also need software to create video thumbnails and YouTube channel images. Canva has the updated sizes, instructions, and templates you’ll need to create these graphics. It’s free to use (except for the featured images / graphics). If you are looking for free stock photos, check out Unsplash, LibreStock, Gratisography, Pixabay, or Pexels.

Additional video tools

Here are two tools that are useful when you want to market your videos on YouTube:

TubeBuddy (Free / $ 9 – $ 49 / month) is a complete YouTube management system. Its real power lies in its ability to find and receive suggested tags that a video can rate. There is a free version and a discount for the paid levels if you have less than 50,000 viewers, which is what you would do if you were just starting out.

Snagit is $ 49 and is also a great tool for quickly and accurately recording and editing your screen, adding text and tags, etc.


Let’s calculate the final price using the Free, Small, and Larger Budget.

Free Budget: $ 0

  • Camera: Smartphone
  • Tripod: Library shelf / book set
  • Lighting: Natural light from a bright window
  • Microphone: smart phone
  • Background: a blank wall in the home / office
  • Editing software: HitFilm
  • Design software: Canva and free stock photos
  • Bonus tools: Free TubeBuddy account

Small budget option

Option 1: $ 183 one-time investment + $ 9 per month

  • Camera: Smartphone
  • Tripod: One Joby Gorilla Pods mobile-friendly $ 15
  • Lighting: LimoStudio Continuous Light White Umbrella Lighting Kit, $ 29
  • Microphone: Rode smartLav + Lavalier, $ 79
  • Background: Custom 6-1 / 2 2 x 10 piece of fabric, $ 60.
  • Editing software: HitFilm
  • Design software: Canva and free stock photos
  • Bonus tools: TubeBuddy Pro account, $ 9 per month.

Option 2: $ 315 + $ 19 / month

  • Camera: eMeet C980 Pro, $ 120
  • Tripod stand: Not required because the camera fits at the top of the computer screen
  • Lighting: LimoStudio Continuous Light White Umbrella Lighting Kit, $ 29
  • Microphone: Blue Yeti USB microphone – $ 129
  • Background: Custom 6-1 / 2 2 x 10 piece of fabric, $ 60.
  • Editing software: HitFilm
  • Design software: Canva and free stock photos
  • Bonus tools: A TubeBuddy Pro account at $ 19 per month.

Larger budget option: $ 1,056 + $ 49 / month

  • Camera: Nikon D3300, $ 580
  • Tripod: 70-inch monopod with bag, $ 45
  • Lighting: Diva Ring Light and Stand, $ 219
  • Microphone: Blue Yeti USB Microphone with Arm Stand and Filter Pop, $ 139
  • Background: Custom 6-1 / 2 ′ x 10 piece of fabric, $ 60
  • Editing software: Adobe Premier Pro, $ 13 per month
  • Design software: Canva and free stock photos
  • Bonus Tools: A terrible TubeBuddy account at $ 49 per month

In the end, remember that these suggestions are not to limit you but to expand your options. You can mix and match with what you have and upgrade your equipment over time by purchasing the most expensive equipment while you work. It is also not a bad idea to resort to used equipment to save a little money, as it is not mandatory to have everything new.

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