Here is the best method of how to clean camera lens

Camera lens cleaning steps
Here is the best method of how to clean a camera lens
it’s so easy, just follow the following steps:

  • Remove the excess dust and dirt from the camera lens, paying attention to cleaning it carefully and very carefully
  • To prevent any scratches. Use a special lens brush.
  • Tilt the camera lens down during the cleaning process, and clean it in a circular motion to allow the dirt to fall to the ground.
  • Use a few puffs of air from a rubber air blower to keep dust out of the lens.
  • Gently wipe the lens with a microfiber cloth and cleaning fluid in a circular motion.
  • Clean the lens cap.

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Cleaning with a microfiber

The use of cleaning with a microfiber cloth is the best way to clean the camera lens after removing the dust from it, and this cloth is a piece of soft cloth, costing less than 10 dollars, was made specifically to clean the glass on the camera lenses, as It removes all stains, and any other part of the camera can be cleaned using this cloth, and you must start wiping in the center of the lens with orientation to the edges of the lens in a circular motion, taking care to wipe very gently.

Cleaning with cleaning fluid

The lens can be cleaned with cleaning fluid when It is difficult to clean it with a brush and microfiber cloth, and most camera stores provide this liquid, which contains alcohol, which cleans fingerprints and other dirt on the lens, and cleaning is done by placing a drop or two of the liquid on the cloth, not on the lens, and then stirring in a circular motion, It is also preferable to use a filter on the lens at all times to keep it clean from dust and dirt.

General tips for cleaning the camera lens Some of the tips that should be followed when cleaning the lens include the following:  

  • The best way to remove dust from the lens is with a soft brush, and it is best to avoid cleaning with canned air.
  • Because its force may cause dust particles to be pushed into the camera lens.
  • The lens should not be blown through the mouth; As this may cause saliva to form on it.
  • Plain water can be used to dampen the cloth used to clean the lens, taking care to avoid using rough pieces of cloth, or pieces of cloth that contain skin moisturizers or perfumes. Because this will cause the lens to become dirty instead of cleaning it.
  • Be sure to place the camera or lens on a flat surface, such as a table, for example while cleaning.
  • In order to avoid it falling to the ground, this means that one should not hold the camera in one hand, and clean with the other hand; Because that may cause the camera to fall off and break the lens.
  • The lens must be wet before cleaning, otherwise it may be subject to scratches.
  • Refrain from wiping the lens when you see small particles on its surface; Because that may lead to (diminish it)