13 Several ways to make money from photography

If you love photography, take pictures with a camera or even a phone, there are several ways to make money from photography. we prepared for you this article to learn the best methods of how to earn money as a photographer.

If you are already a professional photographer, you can start now, but if you are a beginner, you will need a little time.
You might need some time to learn more photography skills and techniques, in order to be able to produce professional, high-resolution images that stand out among the competitors.

The photography market is a huge opportunity for freelance photographers who are looking for additional income.
There are millions of designers, companies, large or small, as well as magazines, newspapers, media agencies, website and blog owners, daily searching for distinctive images that they use for purposes ranging from placing this image as a work of art on the wall to using the image on a company website or in marketing campaigns.

Create a blog to display your photography:

If you can write as well as photography, then this is an excellent idea that combines the two talents.

  • Beautifully display photographs of your work for sale on the blog.
  • Write articles providing photography advice and content.
  • Dedicate a part of the blog to receive advice requests from beginners,

There are hundreds who take pictures and know that they are not the best, but they do not know exactly what is wrong with them.

This will be exactly your role, to receive pictures from them explaining what is wrong with them and how to treat it.

Features of selling your photos on your blog:

  • You will determine the price that you see appropriate for the image.
  • You will get all your profits without an intermediary.
  • You will be free how to display and display your photos on the blog.
  • You will define your own rules and conditions.

Downsides of selling your photos on your blog:

  • If you do not have followers on social media, you will have difficulty bringing visitors to your site.
  • Cost of developing and hosting websites.
  • Marketing costs if you want to buy ads to bring visitors to your site.
  • You need additional time to administer the site.

Take professional product photos:

With the proliferation of online stores, every large company or even emerging has a website or page on various social media platforms.
Take professional photos of products and send them online to these companies, show them your readiness to take professional photos of their products,
Professional product photos have the biggest role in attracting the customer, so if your photos are really distinct, these companies will like them and they will pay you for the photos.

Take photos of the event coverage and send them to the relevant newspapers:

how to make money as a photographer

Cover an important event by capturing professional and exclusive photos of the venue from the heart of the action.
Show your photos and you will find many news agencies and newspapers are interested in these photos.
But make sure that the captured photos are exclusive and professional.
Through the event you will get an idea of ​​the right newspaper to display your photos on.

Put your professional photos on greeting cards:

how to make money as a photographer

Design congratulatory cards for different occasions with your professional images and with an expressive sentence and upload them to the buying and selling sites such as Amazon, Etsy and others.

Photography of tourist apartments and real estate

how to make money as a photographer

We know that the photography of tourist apartments and real estate is an essential marketing tool for online sales in this sector. With professional quality photography of tourist apartments you can greatly increase your income.

Send your professional photos to various magazines:

how to make money as a photographer

Magazines require many professional, high-resolution photos to be used on their magazine pages.
Search for the magazine first to get an idea of ​​what photos you are using and send the magazine samples of your professional photography.

For example, if you are distinguished in photographing people, you can photograph models and display pictures on fashion magazines.
And if you are distinguished in photographing landscapes, send your photos to magazines interested in nature and nature news, and if you travel a lot and take pictures of different places around the world, you can send them to each specific place for use on their site or to a tourism company that uses your photos in marketing their trips.

Upload photos to free sites like Pexels:

Photography pexels

You can upload your various photos on free photo sites, as these sites allow you to gain wide fame and followers, and they also allow you to increase your followers on Instagram and get donations sometimes through PayPal.
Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay

Adobe Stock:

how to make money as a photographer

The most popular website for buying and selling professional photos and is the leading company in photo editing programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom.
Therefore, it is one of the fastest selling sites for pictures, as the number of its growing users is from around the world.

When you upload pictures, they become in the Adobe Stock library, which means that they will appear to users in all other applications of the Adobe company, and thus they will appear to millions of users around the world.
The profits of selling your photos on Adobe Stock range from 20% to 60% of the price of the image, and the images are not required to be exclusive to the site.


Image by ShutterStock

One of the most famous online photo-buying sites, the site allows you to save all your ownership rights for yourself and also gives you all the powers as the owner of the images, which is an additional feature to protect your photos.

Once you register on the site and start posting your photos, you will get a profit every time a customer buys and uploads the photo.
The site does not have a monopoly on your photos, meaning that you can publish the same photos on shutterstock anywhere else.


Photo of a 500PX photo selling website

500px is a free online marketplace that helps you create your “portfolio” or what is called “Portfolio” to make money from it. It is one of the best sites for selling photos on the Internet.

The beauty of this site is that it helps you to appear by showing the last pictures you have uploaded and putting them on the “discover” page, which allows them to appear to millions of users and visitors to the site daily.

The site also provides an analysis and tracking service, meaning that it allows you to see the price of your competitors’ pictures on the site, how many clicks your pictures get on the site, and also your ranking among the competitors.

Create an account on the site, upload your professional photos, and start your journey. Also follow the contests published on the site and participate in them to gain more audience.


If you are a specialist in photographing parties and events, this platform is the best fit for you.

What is new in this site is that it uses one page for each subscriber, which is the “Gallery” page. All your works appear on this page, allowing you to easily publish all your works through only one link.
It gives the visitor an opportunity to see in it your missed works.

Create an on-site gallery and add photos of engagement parties, weddings, or whatever the occasion. Then quote for those photos.
When a customer purchases a photo from your gallery, the site sends it to their email in JPEG format.

The site is paid with a subscription of $ 10 paid one time only and the maximum selling price of the image on the site is $ 20.
Users outside the United States will be deducted $ 1 for the site.
Your profits are transferred from the site to your Paypal account on the 1st of the month, and on the 15th of the month if your profits exceed $ 50.

Photo of Snapped4u, a photo selling website


how to make money as a photographer

Alarmy is another great platform to sell your professional photos and make money from them.

This site may not be as popular as Shutterstock or Adobestock, but it remains a good choice for photographers as it offers a 50% profit rate for the photographer when selling exclusive photos on the site and 40% for non-exclusive photos, which is a competitive advantage among other sites.

This site is characterized by its full support for students as it does not deduct anything from the student’s profit, leaving him 100% full profit.
Visit the student page from here

Other sites:

Here, we will mention some of the other similar sites where you can make some money:

Now that you know the most famous photo selling sites on the Internet, you just have to strive hard in what you do and develop your skills in photography, and check the pages of these sites first and compare all of them until you decide which is more suitable for you.
In the end, you have to make sure that profit from the Internet requires a lot of patience. You will not start making profits immediately, but with some effort and patience you will.