Learn The Best 20 Methods Of How To Take A Good Selfie

Celebrities, models and everyone takes a selfie frequently, but when you compare it with what is on the celebrity selfie pages, we find some difference or let’s be more objective, there is a lot of difference, so it is necessary to learn how to take a good selfie.

The good news is that through the following simple rules, you can get an excellent, perfect savly picture, regardless of the camera in which you take the picture or even the place, so just practicing these guidelines will make you a skilled selfie photographer that makes any shot of a picture suitable to be one of the most famous and harvesting photos. From likes and comments.

Choose the right lighting

Good lighting means getting an excellent image, but on the other hand, inappropriate lighting will spoil the whole thing, and I do not mean the occasion to be strong or dim, but rather the lighting must be in line with the image and the scene, with the clothes you wear and the idea that you want to communicate.

In the event that you decide to take a funny, funny photo, you can rely on sunlight and take it outside or on the balcony of the house, and for the photos you want are vague, you can adopt dim lighting indoors or outdoors at night.

Also, the location of this lighting plays an effective role, so the best possibility is that the light source is in front of you, but you can take an artistic picture by standing in front of the light and leaving the marks left by the light beam appear in the image, or standing directly in front of the light so that you get a dark, mysterious image.

Check the background of the image

how to take a good selfie

Certainly in your photo archive there are a lot of selfies that you cannot publish because you took them against a completely inappropriate background, no one would like to have a selfie next to the trash or in front of a car that has accumulated dust for years, or a picture that appears How cluttered your room is.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the background that has been chosen and stand in front of it and make sure that it is distinctive, appropriate and clean at the same time, in addition to adopting new backgrounds in the regular pictures, and the pictures of your clothes display can all be with the same background and the same position.

Attention to the background of the image means not only the location, but also the beware of people who work to spoil the pictures and come when you press the capture button and destroy everything.

Experimenting with several angles and adopting the best

how to take a good selfie

Search for the selfies that you have taken and focus on the chosen angle and which ones appeared in your best condition, with a thinner face and wider eyes, and adopt this pose, or try while taking the picture from several different angles and notice the difference in your appearance in each of them and choose the most beautiful.

In fact, the focal length in the camera lens plays its game in this regard, and this is what makes our shapes strange in pictures, but it can be overcome by knowing the appropriate direction of the image, and most people find that the left side of them is the side that shows them better in the pictures, and you can start with this angle first .

Also, taking a photo from the top is one of the most popular and newest ways to take a selfie, and this angle makes your eyes look more spacious and attractive.

Take a crazy selfie

how to take a good selfie

It’s a selfie, not an ID or passport photo, so why take it seriously? Leave Grandpa somewhere and head for the photo without him and have a funnier photo and make sure it’s a little crazy.

You can do this by playing with your facial expressions, from laughing expressions to the image of a duck’s mouth to surprise and many more, and what you will get is a distinctive image, and you can also use the accessory in that from large and strange hats or colored glasses and the possibilities are endless when it comes to fun.

Also, the Snapchat application and many other camera applications allow a huge number of funny filters that will enable you to take an excellent and crazy photo.

Dealing with skin problems

how to take a good selfie

World famous people boast of selfies without any skin purifying filters and at the same time without any layer of creams to conceal flaws, but the best cameras are those that are characterized by high accuracy, that is, they can show the smallest details of your skin, including its imperfections such as spots, pigmentation and pimples, even a layer Foundation cream.

The only solution to deal with the matter is to deal with and overcome skin problems first, and here is a list of these problems with the way to get rid of and deal with them:

Pick a suitable hairstyle

Hair does not affect the image and does not lead to its destruction, but if it is coordinated and arranged, it will increase its beauty and the success of this selfie image, so it is imperative to get rid of hair problems such as dandruff, shelling and other things, and also the same case with the veil rolls, which must be suitable for the shape Your face and color matches your clothes.

Rely on a selfie stick

The more distant the camera is from you while taking the photo, the better the selfie will get, and the greater the ability to show many beautiful details that you tired until I reached it from the appropriate background, lighting, skin, clothes, hairstyle and fun expressions that I adopted, and the best way to get this distance is to use a selfie stick And install the phone on it and then make sure of the angle and take the photo.

In the event that you are with a group of friends in one selfie, it is better for the tallest person among you to hold a selfie stick and to stand so that everyone appears clearly either in the center or on the left.

Use the timer to take a photo

One of the most important things that you must make sure of in order to get a good selfie is looking at the camera lens with facial expressions and a smile, but often you can fall into the problem of a selfie that looks at the capture button or at the camera settings or other things while forgetting to look at The lens, and this is enough to spoil the image, no matter how much effort you make to obtain it.

This problem can be overcome by relying on the selfie timer, which starts counting after pressing the button directly and consumes 2 – 5 – 10 seconds before taking the photo. During this time, you can make sure of everything and look at the lens directly.

Try to use the back camera of the phone

Usually the best camera on any cell phone is the primary rear camera. So, if you want to get your best photos in high quality, do not use the front camera.

Sure, you won’t be able to see yourself taking the photo but is it necessary to see yourself in the phone screen before taking the photo? Of course yes! Otherwise, how will you know if you are cutting off the top of your head or not? Well, there’s a way to solve this problem.

If you use the rear camera to take pictures of yourself but cannot see yourself, you may need to use tags.

For example, before setting up the camera, decide where you want to stand when taking the photo, then put some kind of marks or small objects where your feet will be.

As you set up the camera, you can frame the shot using the marks as a guide.
Or use the mirror to mirror the phone screen so that you can see yourself in the mirror to frame your photo however you want.

Or you can take a very wide shot that covers more area than it occupies in the frame and then crop it later. The downside is that you will lose some resolution after cropping the image. But if you are using a smartphone camera with a large number of megapixels, then this should not be a big problem.

Learn about the features in the camera

It is imperative to know the features that your phone’s camera includes in order to find out the best way to get a perfect selfie with what this camera allows you, as some Samsung phones can capture a selfie by showing the palm in front of the screen, and some allow the panorama.

In addition to the color and resolution settings, etc., through which you can save a lot of effort to take the picture, you can adopt automatic lighting, as for the resolution, it depends on what you prefer between highlighting a specific thing far or near, and many more.

Avoid standing in the center of the picture

how to take a good selfie

In the case of selfies that focus on showing the features of the place in which you stand, photography professionals emphasize the importance of taking a picture with the ideal composition so that you occupy a third of the screen and the rest of the image shows two or more different types, either of colors or nature, such as the earth and the sky or the flat ground and the mountains, and the easiest way to understand This composition and its application are to follow the following steps:

Open your smartphone’s camera, enter the settings menu, and activate “gridlines”, which by default are inactive.

Grid lines will divide the screen in front of you into 9 squares with 3 longitudinal and 3 cross sections.

You have to occupy approximately the first third and this part must be on the side of the hand that holds the phone, that is, if you are taking the picture with the left hand, the left part of the screen must be occupied, and there is no problem if it takes a place that is slightly larger or smaller.

The rest of the image will show the background and lighting.

You can now take a photo in this position.

Some beautiful adjustments and filters

No person is perfect, nor is there any excellent selfie, 100%, but why do not we adopt some beautiful adjustments and some filters to raise the success rate of the image to 100%, there is no problem in relying on this matter to make the image more professional, and recently the use of celebrities for this matter has become recent Social Media.

In some phones there is a “beautiful face” feature, which works to make your face appear thinner and your eyes larger and adds luster to your skin. You can also rely on applications that allow controlling and editing photos with greater ability, the most important of which is BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor

And if you have mastered Photoshop, it can be used professionally to get a successful selfie.

Create your own selfie

how to take a good selfie

Selfies are now very similar, so it is certain that you have a lot of them in the mouth of a duck and other things by holding the phone and extending your arm straight, but with a little creativity and innovation you can get an excellent, successful and distinctive selfie as if you were an expert in taking pictures and all you need is Inspiration from what is around you, from the image and from the atmosphere.

For example, if you want to show your new hairstyle, you can direct the fan towards you so that your hair is flying in the image, and if you want to show the sunglasses, you can stand with the sun hitting your face and take a picture, and sit in front of the office to show a good suit and many more.

Take more than one photo together

You always have to take more than one picture at the same time so that you can avoid any unintended mistake such as not looking into the lens or blinking the eye when taking the shot, it is annoying not to be able to get another good picture and your tiredness in getting to this picture that spoiled By mistake.

All you have to do is activate the multi-capture, which allows you to automatically have more than one picture in the phone and the camera settings, and you can also take multiple pictures in the same mode, and then compare all the pictures that you got, choose the good ones, and delete the rest.


Moving around in your photos will always feel more dynamic than just sitting still and staring forward. This can be as simple as walking forward toward the camera, jumping, playing with your hair, moving your arms and legs, and more.

Take better photos of yourself

When taking a photo with motion, you will need a fast shutter speed so that your photo does not look blurry.

Search your phone for shutter speed or just S then choose a speed of 1/200 sec or more.

How does the shutter speed work and how can I freeze motion using it, everything you will find in this article (shutter speed works the same in either the camera or the phone).

When photographing yourself on the move, you will need someone to photograph you, or use the tripod and wireless device we talked about above, or a tripod with the timer set.

Make the highlights and shadows work for you

For example, if the light comes from a large window, make your body from the chest down away from the light and in the range of shadows, then turn your face back towards the light – you will only highlight your face, which will give a great picture.

You can use shadows to draw attention to the eyes, for example, as shown in the image above.

Carry something to support your hands

Nobody (and I repeat: no one) knows what to do with their dangling hands when taking pictures. Props take away this awkwardness by giving you something to do. Yeah! Because they “provide a focal point for your hands” and “keep the shots fresh and dynamic.” It can be as easy as a handbag, drink, or sunglasses in your hands, etc.

The main thing girls love when taking pictures is their hair! Touching your hair is a natural movement, so in the photo it will look fresh and candid.

Tilt your head a little

When shooting, do not look directly at the camera. See a little up or down. Then tilt your head slightly up or down.

To get a stronger jaw line and reduce the possibility of a double chin, lengthen your neck and tilt your chin down. It may sound funny, but it will help you look cool.

Try a mirror image

how to take a good selfie

The mirror image is one of the best pictures in case you want to show your new clothes completely, it is true that it will make the image less bright and light, but it will add distance and the possibility of using the rear lens of the camera, which always has more accuracy than the front, in addition to that this image will make the focus on your entire body not On your face only.

All you have to do is make sure the lighting is accurate, then stand in front of the mirror and take a picture after choosing the pose and arranging the background to suit.

Post a perfect selfie with a caption

Finally, after following the previous rules, it is certain that you got a perfect selfie that contains all the qualities that make it beautiful and successful, and it remains only to display and publish it on social networking sites and then get the admiration of your friends and followers.

It is important to choose a suitable caption for each photo, such as a funny comment with crazy pictures, and a distinctive comment with good clothes, and you can also adopt mentioning the date and time the photo was taken in addition to the place.

Selfies from now on will become the dominant one on your phone, and each of them is a completely successful and perfect selfie, like all the pictures taken by celebrities, and your follower will double and you will become the expert in taking pictures among your friends.