Is a Nikon or Canon better – The Great Debate Analysis For 2022

Which one to buy and which one is better a Nikon or Canon? This is the most important and frequently asked question when any of us intend to purchase a new professional DSLR camera. Even the same question sometimes arises in the minds of some professional photographers who have taken a row from one of the two companies and have the idea of ​​moving to the other company’s products from time to time.

The question in itself is very logical, and the answer is confusing without a doubt. Both companies make really great professional DSLR cameras. Rarely, we find any significant differences between any of the Canon or Nikon cameras at any level of professionalism on the one hand and prices on the other hand. In addition, both companies have products that are able to meet all the needs of all photographers, from beginners to professionals.

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But despite the difficulty of answering the aforementioned question at the beginning of the article, we will try hard to help you reach the answer closest to health by comparing us with the types of Canon and Nikon cameras belonging to the same global price category. Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps into the world of professional photography, or whether you are a professional who wants to have the best capabilities, this article will undoubtedly help you make your decision.

is a nikon or canon better

Canon and Nikon camera comparison … Challenging entry-level cameras

If you can afford to spend as much as $ 500 on your first professional DSLR camera, then you are lucky on the one hand and you will be confused on the other hand. In this low price category for professional cameras, Canon and Nikon offer a range of newer cameras in addition to another group of relatively old cameras whose current prices range in this range.

Currently, the cheapest and most suitable price for the price category we are talking about, or professional cameras aimed at beginners if you will, are the Canon EOS 1300D cameras, known as EOS Rebel T6 in some markets, Canon EOS 2000D, known as EOS Rebel T7 in some markets, and Canon EOS200D Known as EOS Rebel SL2 in some markets, all of them belong to Canon as it turns out. As for Nikon, the Nikon D3300 cameras and the latest Nikon D3400 are available.

is a nikon or canon better
Nikon D3400

The differences between the mentioned cameras lie in that the first from Canon has an 18-megapixel sensor and can shoot at a rate of 3 frames per second in addition to the presence of a nine-point auto focus system. The next camera does not differ in anything except in terms of sensor power, which reaches 24.1 megapixels. The third and most powerful camera among the three from Canon, it features a powerful sensor of 24.4 megapixels in addition to Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus system, in addition to its ability to shoot at 5 frames per second.

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In the case of Nikon cameras, both have a 24.2-megapixel sensor and the ability to shoot at 5 frames per second in addition to an eleven-point autofocus system. The D3400, it seems, is not a great upgrade from its predecessor, even lacking the D3300’s self-cleaning sensor system. However, it has the advantage of being able to wirelessly connect with Bluetooth technology, which allows the transfer of images to any of the other compatible devices, which can only be achieved with the older camera by purchasing dedicated accessories.

So, there are no big differences between what Canon offers and what Nikon offers in this price category, but we will choose the Nikon D3400 as the best option in this price category, and although it does not have everything, it is able to provide everything necessary for the novice photographer in addition to To its ease of use, which makes it the best choice for first-time professional camera users.

Canon vs. Nikon … the mid-range challenge

If your budget is a little larger so that you can spend more on a professional camera, you currently have better options than the previous ones. Among the top choices in Canon cameras are the EOS700D / Rebel T5i, EOS 750D / Rebel T6i, EOS 800D / Rebel T7i and EOS 77D. As for Nikon cameras, we will choose the Nikon D5300 and Nikon D5600.

Age factors started to appear on the EOS 77D, which has a sensor power of only 18 mega pixels, but it is still worth a try due to its lower price category among the rest of the cameras of this category. The Nikon D5300 surpasses it in terms of a 24.2-megapixel sensor, 39-point autofocus system, a larger 3.2-inch screen that is not touchable and also the availability of Wi-Fi connectivity built into the camera.

is a nikon or canon better
Canon EOS 800D

For a little more, you can take a look at the EOS 750D, which is easy to hold and use, and also features the controls that a touchscreen provides. But the last three cameras are difficult to withstand the power of Canon’s newest EOS 800D and EOS 77D cameras, and the latest Nikon D5600.

Although the sensor power of the latest Canon cameras is not different from its predecessor in terms of 24.2 megapixels, the two newer cameras have a completely new sensor that is able to reduce the noise ratio when raising the ISO, and it also features a more advanced and improved auto focus system. The EOS 77D camera differs from the EOS 800D only in that the first one features a suspension system and is compatible with the camera holders, which makes it more suitable for the more professional user.

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The Nikon D5600 features a sensor capable of capturing images with high detail and very accurate, although its strength is no different from the power of the sensors of the cameras of the same category, in addition to the availability of a touch screen with great control capabilities, and a 39-point auto focus system. These characteristics may make the Nikon D5600 the best choice out of this category, but the general and integrated performance of the Canon EOS 800D makes us prefer it in this roundup.

Canon vs. Nikon… the challenge of the professional class

Here the real fun begins, where the professional cameras that provide more than the aforementioned cameras throughout this article. In this category we are talking first about the Canon EOS 80D cameras and the D7200 and Nikon D7500.

The three mentioned cameras do not differ much in terms of price margins, but they differ in terms of characteristics. The first camera, the EOS 80D from Nikon, features a distinct 24.2-megapixel sensor, in addition to the wonderful Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus system capable of providing continuous autofocus for photography and video shooting, in addition to a traditional 45-point focus system. The camera also has a rate of 7 frames per second, which is also preferred in the case of photography and videography. All this in addition to a touch screen with excellent control capabilities.

The Nikon D7200 also features a set of features and advantages, most notably the 51-point autofocus system that supports the sensor with a strength of 24.2 megapixels. The D7500 is the best in its class and the most revolutionary since the D7000 replaced the D90. The camera combines a 20.9-megapixel sensor with the excellent EXPEDD 5 processing engine, which we will talk about later in this article.

The second section in this category deserves a standalone update here, consisting of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II and the latest Nikon D500. Both of them provide excellent and more than enough capabilities for photography enthusiasts, especially shooting moving elements. The strength of the sensors does not differ much between the two cameras, at 20.2 and 20.9 respectively, although the second Nikon camera lacks the built-in anti-aliasing filter, which helps to capture images with better and more accurate details.

In terms of autofocus, the EOS 7D Mark II has a 65-point system that looked like the best in its class before the introduction of the D500, which has a 153-point autofocus system. Both cameras can shoot at 10 frames per second, while according to the two companies, the Canon camera can capture 31 RAW frames while Nikon can shoot 200 RAW frames. And RAW photo frames are the ones that can be edited completely via professional photo editing apps.

The choice between the two cameras needs to take into account the price, as the price of the Nikon camera is clearly higher than the price of its competitor, although both belong to the same professional category. If you want to buy all the capabilities of a distinguished Nikon camera and do not care about the price, then you should do it, but if the price is a factor that is of the utmost importance to you, the Canon EOS 7D Mark II is without a doubt the best camera ever in terms of capabilities and price in this category.

Canon vs. Nikon… the ultimate in professional cameras challenge

The highest and most professional category in terms of specifications and capabilities, which is also the dream of all professional photographers. This category is internally divided into two price classes. The former includes the Canon EOS 6D Mark II from Canon and the Nikon D610 and Nikon D750 from Nikon.

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is the latest of the three cameras, and it is the most distinctive in terms of the strength of its Full-Frame sensor, which is 26.2 megapixels, unlike the two Nikon cameras, whose sensor power is 24.3 megapixels. Nikon cameras excel in this category in terms of the highest performance dynamic range.

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The EOS 6D Mark II has a 45-point autofocus system that although not the best, the Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus technology of the multi-angle touch screen improves the autofocus nicely and is extremely powerful.

Canon and Nikon camera comparison … your guide to choosing among the professional DSLR giants

is a nikon or canon better
Canon EOS 7D Mark II

The Nikon D610 is the cheapest camera with a full-frame sensor among the cameras of this category, and it also has excellent capabilities, most notably the powerful 39-point auto focus system. As for the D750, it is characterized by a 51-point autofocus system, which is better in terms of image quality than its sister if it is flawed by the lack of the ability of its screen to control through the touch. Whether at the level of photography or shooting high-quality video.

Professional photography giants priced over $ 2,500 are Canon’s EOS 5D Mark IV and EOS 5DS cameras, Nikon D810 and Nikon D850 cameras.

The EOS 5DS camera is the highest in terms of camera sensor power, which is 50 megapixels, but this does not mean that it is the best in its class as it is distinguished and superior in outdoor photography and indoor photography, but it is not the best in other shooting conditions. Here comes the distinction of the EOS 5D Mar IV, with a 30.4 mega pixel sensor power, but all powerful, solid and working, enabling it to capture better images with the help of a 61-point autofocus system and 7-fps continuous shooting, and this camera would have been our best choice had it not been for the emergence of a camera D850 from Nikon.

is a nikon or canon better
Nikon D850

The D850’s superior sensor has a strength of 45.4 megapixels, combining higher performance with higher quality, which shows the quality of the images that the camera sensor can capture. The camera is supported by an autofocus system consisting of 153 points and continuous shooting at a rate of 7 frames per second, which makes it the best in all categories, surpassing all the cameras that we talked about during this article, including the D810 camera with a sensor of 36.3 megapixels.