The 10 Best Mini Tripods For Your Iphone Or Camera In 2022

Are you tired of carrying your tripod? Do you leave it at home because it is too big or too heavy? Do you need a tripod for the day-to-day, for your adventures or to capture the action? In the article I update the list of the best mini tripods designed for cameras GoPro of smartphone, compact or even dslr camera in which users value portability over any other aspect. These are my top 10 recommendations of mini tripods:

But before we go into the matter, we are going to answer some important questions.

What is a mini tripod?

A mini tripod is a very useful accessory to stabilize your camera at any time. It is more lightweight and compact tripods conventional, though it is basically made of the same elements.

Are intended for use with action cameras, mobile phones, compact, and even with other cameras are bigger and heavier, but to be able to take them with you always, hiking, travel or any kind of adventure.

What is a mini tripod?

A mini tripod is, without doubt, an investment that worth every penny that you spend on it. It is ideal to always carry and will save your pictures in many occasions, will give wings to your creativity, will improve the sharpness of your photos, and even perhaps it will encourage you to be the protagonist of your own photos once in a while.

In short, a mini tripod is not just for the action photography, is also a partner of outputs (ideal street photography, travel, day-to-day, outings with friends, etc.). Lightweight, takes up little, but it brings a lot ; therefore, the margin of your tripod usual to have one of these, it is always a good idea.

Before you leave a listing, let us look at some of the uses that you can give to a mini tripod:

  • Self-portraits. To get group photos, with your friends, to fotografiarte doing a pirouette when you do not have anyone to do it for you, capturarte at the top of the peak of the mountain you just conquered, or record yourself on video for your vlog.
  • Videos. To stabilize the camera and get a video without a lot of vibrations.
  • Night photography.
  • Time-lapses.
  • Long exposures. Light trails of cars or lightpainting, for example.

Hey, it may also be that you see that you don’t need it for anything that I just mentioned, in that case, a pot that you save .

Why a mini tripod and not a regular tripod?

If you already have one to use with your dslr, EVIL, or similar, you may be wondering what to buy a tripod if you already have one. The question is, do you really your tripod current with the action camera or with your smartphone? Or do you think, “to ride a bike, dive, jump, photograph my friends making skating, the beach, etc, where do I go with the piece of tripod?” and what you leave at home?

I am afraid that it is more this second answer, right?

And is that in the end, the best product is not the most expensive, nor the most famous, but the one that best fits your needs. And if what you need is a tripod for your GoPro, or to put it in the backpack when you go out with colleagues, or go to travel with minimum baggage, why do you want a hulk?

Now, if you tell me that you do macro-level pro, photographs birds with super telephoto lenses or you want to photograph deep space or night landscapes with a sharpness of a heart attack, then you need a tripod very strong and resistant to give you the maximum stability and to respond to your specific needs. Don’t you okay with a mini tripod.

The needs in both cases are very different, therefore, the product also has to be so, although they are entirely complementary .

Now yes, we’re going with the listing promised better minitrípodes.

Best tripod for action cameras, GoPro, compact, and smartphones

These are the mini tripods that I recommend to all those little cameras, compact, and/or of action, in which the portability and flexibility are above any other aspect.

1. Elegiant: The most complete

Palo selfie, tripod, and monopod, all-in-one. Swivel 360°. Care to be compatible with a GoPro camera, the palo selfie needs an accessory. Weighs 155g and measures folding 19cm. Extended reaches a height of one meter.

See the price on Amazon

2. Manfrotto MTPIXI-B: For the most compact heavy and videos

This mini tripod from Manfrotto measuring only 18.5 cm folded, weight 0.19 Kg, has a mechanism of push button lock, ergonomic handle for video recording and is ideal for cameras, CSC, compact, or DSLR camera of small size. It also has a ball head, is constructed of stainless steel and plastic, and supports a maximum weight of 1Kg.

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3. Fotopro: the most flexible and off-road

This mini tripod 227g of weight supports up to 800g of load and measured only 27cm approximately long. A tripod is ideal for type cameras GoPro, mobile phone, cameras and light weight. The legs may be wet, includes remote shutter via Bluetooth, it is very flexible and ideal for all sorts of situations.

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mini tripod iphone

4. Rhodesy RT-01: for any surface

Another mini tripod with flexible legs, and a weight of 240g and 30cm long, with numerous (and very good) ratings on Amazon. Ideal for GoPro cameras, mobile phones or cameras are light-weight. It adapts very well to any type of surfaces.

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You can take a look at the following video.

5. Alfort Mini tripod: the most lightweight

A tripod is very inexpensive, flexible, compact (16,6 x 9.2 x 4.6 cm) and very lightweight (only 82g). This mini tripod from the brand Alfort is manufactured with resistant materials and antideslizables. It has remote control by Bluetooth, and a 360 ° rotation.
It is especially suited for mobile phone or type cameras GoPro.

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mini tripod iphone

6. Digicharge: the most economic

We continue with the mini tripod octopus and is that, for GoPro, is the most practical, because as the enrollas on the handlebars of a bike, paddling your kayak or in the mirror of the bike. There are No limits, except that you put your imagination. Mini tripod measures 26cm in length and weighs 190g. With swivel 360º and hot shoe for DSLR and screw adapter universal for use with any type of camera.

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7. Vicloon

This tripod is much more akin to a tripod conventional, but equally portable and lightweight, for that look for something more classic, and with a little more stability (supports up to 1500 g of weight).

Measures 35cm long folded, weighs 378g and comes with a bag for transport and a clip to adapt to the mobile phone or the classic pin to suit all types of cameras.

Additionally rotates 360 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically and her legs are extendable up to 106cm.

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mini tripod iphone

Up to here, the tripods are lighter, easy and economical, ideal for cameras with a very light and situations unpretentious (not you will be to shoot macro or to portray the milky way, but yes to the action, the adventure, or things you find in the day-to-day normal of any photo out).

If you want to upload something to the level in which the stability and performance of mini tripods are concerned, keep reading, because there are also options is much more interesting.

Mini tripod for Slr cameras, EVIL or bridge

Like I said before, there are photographers, very adventurous and pursue the action cameras are heavier and more robust. Travelers tireless and lovers of photography that also need a tripod that weighs little, they fold a lot and easy to, be possible, but that will withstand the weight of your computer. They may not respond to the highest levels of sharpness, and it is not this aspect that most worried about. Do you identify with this? Well, these mini tripods are for you.

8. Rollei Compact Traveler No.1: the traveler

This mini tripod has a minimum size of 31.5 cm and a maximum to deploy it 144cm. It is constructed from aluminum and weighs 1.170 g. It is ideal for travel and those looking for a portable tripod, but it reaches a considerable height.

Supports a maximum load of 5kg, it comes equipped with a ball head, center column invertible, 5 sections in the legs, which are threaded and adjustable to different heights.

Have it in different colors: blue, pink, silver, orange or black, and it is ideal for Dslr cameras or mirrorless.

See the price on Amazon

Here you can see a comparison between a classical tripod and this traveller.

9. Rollei Compact Traveler Mini M-1: the more compact

Another tripod interesting of the brand name Rollei, highly compact as you can see in the image that illustrates this text. Has a load capacity of 8kg is manufactured in aluminium and measuring only 16 cm, extendable up to 47cm with a weight of 800g.
It features a central column invertible and removable with adjusting bolt to the center column. The grip is non-slip and has a plate of quick coupling with bubble level. It is ideal for macro.

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mini tripod iphone

10. Neewer: Compact and durable

This mini tripod Neewer it is also very compact and sturdy. With a maximum load of 5Kg, weighs only 826 g and measures 23 cm folded (up to 50cm extended).

Comes with a head ball with bubble level and quick release, anti-slip feet 5 sections, and swivel 360º.

Both this and the previous are perfect for travel and to make panoramic pictures.

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mini tripod iphone

And here are my recommendations on what to mini tripods are concerned. Keep in mind that there are two types of tripods are very different in this article, although all of them are portable and light, the first are intended for action camera, mobile, compact or light, for a more casual, and the seconds are already tripods that are going to give you results that are more serious to perform long-exposure, or macro photography, among others.

I hope that you have been of benefit from this article, and that will encourage you to get a tripod if you don’t yet have none Is a great way of not letting any photo, believe me.