12 Steps to boost your Instagram photography successfully

If you are reading this article, and you are interested in photography, then there is a high probability that you are using the leading social network in publishing Instagram photos, which is the “Goliath” of this age for social media in photography.
Instagram became the home of 300 million users during the four years the program was launched. And it looks like he’s ready to grow up even more.
300 million users is a huge number and an overwhelming number, but it is a great tool not only for creating a virtual community but for becoming a better photographer. So how do you create a place for yourself in all this hustle and bustle? There are a lot of sites that claim to offer you the fastest way to succeed on Instagram, but most of them give you useless bad advice unlike what you will get here with us. Below are a number of strategic steps to make your best photography proposition, build a virtual community and grow as an Instagram photographer.

12 steps to boost your Instagram photography success

Great artists accomplish nothing but great works

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The difference between a good artist and a great artist is that great artists only achieve great works. While no one expects you to compete with National Geographic photographers when you’re off the bat, you should pay attention to what you share. Losing people’s interest in your work only requires you to take a bad, monotone, duplicate photo. And if the photo you take doesn’t make you say to yourself when you see it, “Oh, yeah …. that’s how it is” …. you don’t have to post it.
And also don’t post too much at once. Unless you have a good reason to flood my email with spam, don’t. I recommend viewing and sharing one or two pictures a week which is a safe number to keep interested in your business without being bothered.

Find your specialization

Having a niche is equally important to your growth as a photographer and to your branding. What makes you different from everyone else? The amazing thing about Instagram is that it’s made up of people from all over the world who have everything that interests you. I’ve seen accounts that even though I’ve only focused on displaying food on tables on the streets in Vietnam, rock climbing in Utah, or architecture in Turkey, the best accounts are those that focus and center around one major topic that captures and maintains the audience’s interest.

Don’t forget: the only person who should define your major is you.
Do you like paper joints and dinosaurs? So become the world’s best photographer working on coastal photos of the papier-mâché from the Jurassic period. If you see
You are absent from sharing snapshots of your daily life, so create an account for your friends and mom to follow him, because they are the only ones who would like to follow these things.

Take photo editing seriously

Instagram may be suitable for show photography but for excellent photo editing its effects are not recommended. The great picture is not captured but created and made. This is what it means to work on your favorite program to edit your photos (I recommend Adobe Lightroom or Camera Raw) to learn how to deal with lighting, shadows, and clarity in an image so you can finally be proud of what you’ve produced. The Instagram app was not built on this level of sophistication, which gave up these dishonest nominations and got your work done on the computer.

Share a story with your photo

Beautiful photography makes an impression. The same applies to beautifully written stories. But when you combine strong images with strong words, you will elicit emotional reactions in your viewers, and this leads them to interact and personal contact with your work. I hadn’t realized this even when I started adding a description below my photos instead of filling the description with hashtags to start my account with a real interaction, so people started talking about what the image and words could have on their impact on them and on their own experiences and the appreciation I got from them. Nobody can expect any Hemingway this era can come to us on Instagram, but sharpening some chosen words from a broad imagination will do wonders for your fans and followers.

Use a real camera

True, maybe your bright smartphone can take great photos, but relying on that is like trying to play a piano piece on an electronic keyboard for a young child. Using DSRL technology (a lens with a long focal length so that some elements of the lens can be replaced with mirrors in order to shorten its overall length and reduce its weight) is not the only one capable of providing you several options for you to control the focal length of the lens, but rather your opportunities to manipulate the depth of field and focal length appear in Photography as a medium is better than all that can appear as a result of your smartphone. Using the Reflex Camera allows you to capture images in their natural state, allowing you to make those images truly striking in the editing process.

Ask questions in your comments

The difference between a story and a caption is that the image builds an emotional relationship between the viewer and the image, while asking the question builds a personal relationship between you and your viewers and followers. The questions you ask are open-ended, and create a space for your fans to contribute some of their personal stories to the community. Don’t forget, many Instagram users are new to digital photography and are looking for people to connect with in order to gain more experience.

Use hashtags in an effective way

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I did not understand the value and effectiveness of the hashtag until I started using it in the cross-functional functions of my accounts. You should display the hashtag important names, verbs, and things people are searching for. The effectiveness of using the hashtag for #fishing compared to the hashtag for getting big and huge #instagood likes is for obvious reasons: the people who are likely to like your photos will likely be the majority of people. Those who search for their hobbies or favorite sites compared to some who use nonsensical terms.

Adopt a community

Building a virtual community is through finding photographers that you respect and developing relationships with them. I am not lying, it takes a long process, but it is necessary and worthwhile. Find a hashtag that talks about you, log in, and you will be able to follow who’s posting anything. When you find a job you love, leave a thoughtful compliment and keep it under your watch. Chances are, they’ll verify your account and exchange it if they like your post. Whatever you do, do not ask others to verify your account or follow you and respond to you. It’s cliche and it makes you look desperate, begging to follow up.

prepare a hero

Cultivate a hero by nurturing your relationships with other users. Easier said than done, right? If users leave thoughtful comments (such as the liking symbol represented by the hand raised with a thumb), then return the favor and reply with something clearer than the word “thank you”. If someone is interested in your work, he will praise him on his smartphone. These are the ones who deserve their weight from followers, they are the people who will follow you in Every time through your adventures and share it to their friends and followers. This is, in fact, one of the goals of this social network. Do enough of what we said, and these cute unicorns (hashtag symbol #) will boost your business.

Wake up and share

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The morning begins when most Instagram users log in and verify the contents of their accounts, if your followers are from a particular country more, then the time factor in which the image will be published is important, but if your followers are from all over the world, the matter will have less impact on the growth of the account and the creation of interaction.
Is there a favorite day of the week to post on? Studies show that Sunday is the day with the most interactions, which makes us feel that many of you are trying to get rid of the consequences of the tiredness of the weekend by embracing their phones. Otherwise, stick to weekday mornings.

Give others a chance at the event

Get others into a conversation by interacting with them or referring to them in your posts. A year ago, two amazing Vancouver girls launched a blog @localwandrer (a Twitter account that cares about the bright and cheerful places that you can travel to) talking about their travel around North America to visit the hidden gems of their local communities. As they really excel (besides photography and writing skills) in their ability to bring local stores, restaurants and people into their discussions. In doing so, they present their entire community to a new person, who will then show their community on their @localwanderer page.

Do not confuse your followers with the community

I’d rather have 100 fans who interact with my work than have 1,000 followers who don’t even bother with me. Your goal doesn’t have to be to grow your followers, but rather be the quality of your virtual community you create. Let’s talk numbers, you will find a large variety and random Russian princesses seeking to enter into relationships, so report them and freeze their account with you if they add you to their account. And the last thing you need is a bunch of anonymous accounts sweeping through your Instagram account. Also, there is a risk of inactive followers of your account and thus your account will be less fortunate among the accounts recommended by other users of Instagram.

If you have 12 steps to success on Instagram? Do you think the photographer’s blog has an account on Instagram to post photos of followers who share photos on the hashtag #mosawir_blog, so let’s hear your opinions in the comments.