Poses For Photography Ideas [With Examples]

Knowing a number of photos poses beforehand is one of the best resources for any photographer who enjoys portrait photography. Because goodwill is not enough to lead a session, you have to have a few tricks up your sleeve when standing in front of someone and getting results that you both like 😉 .

We know that posing for photos is not easy, knowing what to do with your hands, how to achieve more attractive or stylized poses, which poses feel better standing or sitting, which poses favor women or men more, and a long and so on.

As we are aware of how convenient it is to find everything you are looking for in a concentrated way regarding a subject, today I am here to offer you everything you need to know about poses for photos.


Many times we do not look good in photos because we do not know what poses suit us best. Whether you are the one posing or directing a portrait session, it is very important to take it into account because the truth is that there is a lot of difference between some poses and others.

The main thing to pose well or look natural in the photographs is to feel comfortable (or that your model feels that way, especially if they are not professional). She left you a series of tips to achieve flattering, comfortable, and natural poses.


  • Body language says a lot about how the model feels, analyze it constantly, don’t let anything escape you.
  • Don’t start with extreme close-ups, go from farther to closer.
  • If you don’t know what to do with your hands , try putting them in your pocket, preferably with your thumb out, so it doesn’t look like you’re looking for coins 😜 .
  • At an angle of 45º with respect to the camera.
  • Leaning on the wall.
  • Front with a forward leg to add movement and naturalness.
  • Sitting with one leg/arm stretched out, the limbs will be longer and the visual weight more distributed.
  • The gaze can be directly at the camera, but it can also be diverted, especially for shy models or to obtain photographs with more spontaneous and natural air.

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Male and female bodies are different and while they may share equally flattering poses in many cases, there are certain more specific poses that flatter the female body.

The best photo poses when the models are girls are:

  • Profile
  • At 45º with respect to the camera
  • Sitting with hand under chin
  • Slightly from the back and the face turned to the camera
  • hands in pockets
  • legs slightly apart
  • One leg more advanced than the other, and one of the feet turned slightly inward
  • hand on waist
  • supported
  • Sitting slightly tilted
  • Crossed legs
  • Holding the elbow or wrist of one arm with the opposite hand

I am not going to expand further because I believe that an image can, in this case, be worth more than 1,000 words, and if it is not just one but 69, even more. I leave you with our specific article on poses for women where you will find endless inspiration for your portraits.

And if you are the one who wants to look impressive in the photos, be sure to take a look at the tips they give you in this video:

Poses to look good in photos


When choosing the best pose for photos of men, you have to take into account the most flattering poses for the model’s body type. As a general rule, the best way to pose for photos is:

  • Try to find less static poses that inspire naturalness
  • Arms crossed over the chest
  • Experiment with the orientation of the gaze (to the camera, in profile, to some slightly elevated point in the sky, etc.)
  • Supported with one leg on the wall, or one foot forward and crossed
  • Find your best profile
  • Or use the 45º angles
  • Hand on the chin
  • hands in pockets
  • Backwards
  • Sitting with your legs slightly apart, leaning on them
  • Above all, look for inspiration on networks, there is a lot of material

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And if you prefer the video format, take a look at this one, with basic tips to look good in photos: styling, attitude, poses and editing with Luminar.

Poses for photos of men


The poses for standing photos are valid for both women and men and are usually the most used because they are the most obvious, they allow us to show off clothes better, and they can be practiced without any type of accessory.

Want a little inspirational sample? Here is a small sample of poses for standing photos.


To get the best outdoor communion photos, keep these tips in mind:

  • Establish with the family what types of photos they want to get, more classic, more modern, etc.
  • Locate an appropriate place for your outdoor session.
  • You will get the best light at sunset. If you can take a reflector and a diffuser with you, they will help you shape the light.
  • Photograph the details, a lot of care and affection has been put into choosing the wardrobe, make it happen to eternity with your photos.
  • Take care of the background, it is the great spoiler of outdoor photos.
  • Use an aperture priority or manual mode. If you don’t know where to start, try an aperture of f/5.6. It is one of the most versatile since it is quite bright, it allows you to blur the background and have the subject in focus.
  • Photography with different photographic plans .
  • Pay attention to the environment.
  • Take several photos, some looking at the camera, others not.
  • Do not miss the classic communion image in which children take communion, even if it is indoors.
  • Also part of the “obligatory” catalog is some image of a more religious type, in which children pray, sometimes on their knees, or simply obtain a medium shot of the face and intertwined hands.
  • Get inspired by photos of others. Get ideas, write them down and prepare well for the day of the session.

Here is a small gallery of outdoor communion photo poses that may inspire one of your next photos:


If you are looking for poses for your portraits on the beach, here is a small selection of images that I hope will inspire you, but keep in mind that one of the most important aspects in beach photography is to control the lighting well.

In this sense, the best hours are always sunrises and sunsets where the light is warm and diffuse. It is also very important that you take great care of the equipment, that you avoid changing lenses if it is not necessary to avoid splashes, sand, or dust on your equipment and especially on the sensor.


The poses for couple photos are one of the most demanded, that’s why we have written extensively about them in this blog 🙂 . If it is your favorite subject (and if not too), you can take a look at our article with the best tips for photographing couples, which will help you enormously.

Also add some inspiration to it with this other article with example images of couples and finally, a few inspirational images to rest your eyes on the text with love 😉 .


If what you are looking for is a professional photo session, most of the advice we have given you so far about poses is applicable.

Remember that, beyond the poses, many other aspects are important: the equipment, the location, the styling, and especially the lighting.

I have found these basic tips on hand poses from a professional photographer to be very simple and effective:

professional poses

Whether you’re posing or directing a portrait session, don’t be discouraged. Each body, each profile, each person has a way of looking better. Make several tests, analyze them, try different poses and lighting, until you find a result that satisfies you.

I think it would be interesting if you complement this article with our mega guide on portraits, they are the perfect combo to get portraits of 10 🙂 .

I hope you liked this article and, above all, that you found more than what you came looking for. See you in the next article.