As we move forward in our hobby of photography, we’re discovering the different photography types. At the start, we know four or five, always the same, and in a similar way. We are fascinated by portrait, landscape, street photography or travel photography, am I wrong?

In general, it is so, are the types or disciplines photo that we have more to hand, and with that we feel more at ease at the start.

However, as we immerse ourselves in the photo, we discover that there is a vast world to explore, also photographically speaking, and, although it is good to specialize in something to focus all the efforts and energies, my personal opinion is that there is no abandoning the rest.

I mean, all that you learn in photography, it’s an enriching experience in one way or another. Feed the creativity, learn new techniques, forcing you to get out of your comfort zone, it is essential to not escalate, not to bore you (or not to bore the others 😜).

For this reason, we invite you to know the number of photography types, or types of photography that you can get practicing on photography. And not only that, I will bind our articles on each of these disciplines, where you will be able to deepen. In some cases, we have prepared a mega guide so that you have all the information you need, with tips, tricks, and a lot of inspiration. So don’t let you click on the links of the topics that will attract you.



This is, probably, one of the photography types of classic and for any lover of photography happens once in your life.

portrait photography is The catch though because it can get complicated to the infinite, it is close, you have millions of possibilities and because finding models tends to be relatively easy. Above all, it allows us to delve into the depths of the human (or at least that’s my feeling).


The sports photography may sound like something impossible to achieve. You think that person with the camera chasing Messi or Ronaldo, or covering the F1, and a view to the other side looking for another hobby. How does this sound? 😜

But what is certain is that sports there are many, many more nearby, and with a lot of photography possibilities. You can cover your party of your nephew, the artistic gymnastics of the neighbor, the basketball of your daughter, or the athleticism of your premium.

It may not seem as glamorous as the first division, but you’ll have so many more photographic possibilities, the less pressure and have more.

Oh, and of course, if you’re the risk and the adventure you can jump to photograph this type of extreme sports.


Have you seen the millions of examples of advertising photography throughout your life? Advertising photography is a genre very creative which seeks to highlight and sell a specific product.

It is essential to attract the viewer’s attention and awaken in him the desire to buy. Tends to be the work not only of professional photography but also includes publicists, graphic designers, models… In short, a full production team that works closely with the photographer.


The picture of product is another discipline photo with which to work. The pictures of products are needed above all to display the products on web pages or magazines, and, while it may seem a very complicated that you’d need a very professional team, the truth is that you can get very good results with little investment.

Do not hesitate to make your first steps at home with things you have on hand, if you want to dedicate to photography professionally, this type of photography can come in very well.


Closely related to the photography of advertisement or product are pictures of the stock which is sold on the internet, in the famous banks of photos. These are images of all sorts of topics generalists that serve as a visual resource for commercial purposes.

It is one of the disciplines photo that ends up becoming a source of income for those who will spend time and effort.


Do you like the fashion, the lighting, you are a person super creative, enjoy locating, you like running, you have empathy and connect easily with people…? Maybe your thing is the photography of fashion. What you think?

Fashion photography is a genre with more possibilities than you can imagine: catalogs, catwalk, advertising, books, models, stock, etc. It does not appear that you can get bored with it.


If yours is intangible, abstract, emotional or feeling, you might also want to delve into the world of artistic photography. To express an emotion or feeling that you reach that move the viewer beyond a search for reality, is what primarily defines this genre.

Within the artistic photography, also known as the photography of the author, you can also find the photograph concept, which is based on transmitting an idea or concept through a picture or abstract photography, which is the representation or subjective interpretation of reality embodied in a photograph.

photography types


Another of the photography types most universal is travel photography. Few would be without the camera when we are lucky enough to go away, don’t you think? (just imagine going out without it gives me anxiety 😆).

Travel photography brings together a multitude of disciplines to turn: portraits, landscape, street photography, or architecture, among others. Travel opens our mind and expands the soul, teaches us to respect other cultures, to love other languages and, what is even better, teaches us and allows us to practice many types of photography.


One of the photography types in which to immerse relatively straightforward is the photography of architecture.

Simple, because finding architecture around it is not that simple, is that it’s impossible not to do so. Relatively, because, like all disciplines, requires us to go beyond the first image that we’re in, to get good images of architecture, it needs a lot of practice to learn the lines, the perspective or scale.

Although it does not get bogged down, there is nothing that you can not get a glance at this introductory guide to the photography of architecture, and a lot of practice to train your photographic eye.


Documentary photography is one of the disciplines of photos that seeks to document reality. Aims to explain a story in one image or a series of them. Usually go hand in hand with social reporting, although it is not always so.

Has a will of its aesthetic and narrative, that is to say it seeks to explain stories, but at the same time cares for the aesthetic of the images without handling, of course.


As with documentary photography, photojournalism is intended to reflect reality, but, in this case, a present reality that is in the news.

Its purpose is to inform in the most objective way possible, just like it should, a newspaper, therefore, typically have a lower loading dose aesthetic than documentary photography.


It is unthinkable for any fan lover of photography, to be in front of a landscape, and not want to retractable, right? Let’s go with the best or worst team for the occasion, it is impossible not to take out the camera, framing and make a click.

But what is certain is that landscape photography is an art, the possibilities, the pursuit of maximum sharpness, the sunrises and sunsets, and, above all, enjoying the outdoors, make it one of the photography types that are impossible to resist.


Nature lovers also have a place in the picture, there would be no more. Don’t have to go to the Serengeti to get amazing photos of nature (although it is sure that you would like to go, right?).

This is one of the photography types that is more comprehensive because it covers wildlife (including birds), landscapes, underwater photography, flowers and plants, etc.


Photography of food or cuisine is one of those photography types (very interesting, by the way) to which you can dedicate as a hobby or professionally.

Allows you to exercise not only your culinary skills, but practicing with the light, the composition, the color, the aesthetic, and so on. Care, this is one of the types of photography that is more hooked 😜.


If you follow us for a while, you probably already know that the macro photography I find fascinating. See what others do not see, to convert tiny details in arresting images, to see the life of small insects, the details of a flower or of a pupil or of anything that you want, it seems to be something almost magical.

If you have not yet stepped into this genre, I don’t know what to expect!

photography types


For all those who are lovers of heights, you can not miss the opportunity offered by the use of aerial photography.

Changing your point of view is, almost always, a great success and this discipline of photography allows you to capture images that not many can even dream of.


Weddings, baptisms and communions that every time we leave memories of a higher level because, luckily, the professionals of the photography exceed day-to-day.

There is more to take a look at the wedding pictures of your parents (probably quite correct, but a little creative) and what a good photographer can achieve today in terms of creativity and art in social photography.


A new member of the family or the need to treasuring beautiful family memories, you are moving to a lot of people when looking for a photographer.

As the rest of the disciplines photo, the quality and creativity that you can find today in the family photograph is amazing. And what to say of the photograph babies or children, it’s all a challenge (most rewarding, yes)!


Related to the family, the photography newborn is has made its own place among the disciplines photo. Photograph the newborn in their first days of life is an art that requires a lot, but that much, mimo.


Another discipline to keep in mind is the concert photography. If you are passionate about live music, is perfect for you. Starting with small shows and with a goal in the most light possible, you’ll be able to get very good results.


Another classic that attaches to the majority of those who are initiated in this art is the street photographyMaybe because it brings together many disciplines in a single, genre: portraiture, architecture, landscape, or by its millions of creative possibilities, the play of light, lines, people…

What is certain is that few photography types trap both like this (or at least to me caught me a lot in his time).


I always say that I love photography because it allows you to give yourself, body and soul, of day, of night and combine it with whatever your hobbies. Do you like plants? For macro photography or landscape, do you like sport? Then sport photography, do you like animals? Because of fauna… and so on until infinity, including the night, there where many to sleep and don’t think there is much to photograph, photographers, night photography we demonstrate that it is worth to spend sleepless nights looking at the sky.

Wonderful photographs of stars, aurora borealis, the moon, the blue hour or the milky way are all waiting for you. Do you dare to try?


The underwater photography or underwater is one of the most fascinating disciplines photo because it allows us to get images out of the everyday. By the uniqueness of the light under the water and, of course, by the amazing creatures that inhabit it, their colors, their shapes…

Without a doubt, if you like to be under the surface, it’s worthwhile to take the camera with you and aficionarte to the discipline more blue.


We can’t stop talking about nude photography. This discipline combines the portrait, the creativity and artistic photography.

Dominate lines, lights and shadows, and it is a good companion to the black-and-white.


The boudoir photography is different to the naked, although both agree that require a high level of complicity and that they are very intimate. In boudoir highlights the lingerie and sensuality. The motto is to suggest rather than show.

As you can see, the line between some disciplines or photography types is very fine, as there will be some who distinguish gender of sub-genre, or discipline. But I do not intend to make a dictionary, or set a category set in stone, but recopilarte the different types of photography that you can practise, to give you ideas and don’t miss the inspiration.

Please, do not hesitate to leave down any comments that you have or share this guide with other people fond of photography who may be interested. Thank you very much and until the next.


Tell me in the comments below the type of photography or genre that you enjoy the most, so give me a clue to prepare content focused to the photo that you would like to practice.