33 Photoshoot ideas: tips for real amazing photos

Here I have a lot of inspiration for creative pictures and ingenious photoshoot ideas for you. There are so many creative ideas for new photos that I immediately want to grab the camera and get started. These instructions and inspiration will help you achieve the perfect implementation. That’s exactly why I’ve put together a whole bunch for you to inspire and imitate.

photoshoot ideas: tips for real amazing photos

When I take photos, I keep looking for tips for more photo creativity. These are some real wow photo ideas for you and your creative photography, some of which are so simple and yet so inspiring. If you fancy photo ideas for your next photo shoot to imitate, let yourself be inspired by these exciting photo shoot ideas and even more creative image design.

Regardless of whether creative photo ideas for at home or on the go – I always look out for suitable corners to express your creativity. If you have some crazy creative photo ideas too, feel free to send them to me or post them in the comments below.

Have fun with 33 creative photoshoot ideas.

The yellow color

Colors make so much. That’s why these creative photo ideas appear so often in my photo books. And above all, you increase the effect if you combine the color with the so-called negative space in your photo. So use strong, intense colors – like the rich yellow here. Deep, saturated colors have a direct impact on your photo. They will help you highlight your desired object. Use the color palette sparingly, otherwise it will be “too much”.

Source: Pinterest (https://de.pinterest.com/pin/351562314641858757/)

The slightly different full-body portrait

This is where the new, surprising look works. We all know the classic portrait – but if you do not show everything – as here through the smartphones of the others – then you leave the viewer room for speculation. Much is automatically completed in the head. This makes the motif really fun and makes a great creative photo motif.

photoshoot ideas
The slightly different full-body portrait. Source: The Groom by Stephan Lausitz

Change perspective

I love this creative perspective game with your photo. That is different! How do everyone do it? You stand in front of the object and hold on to it. Nice in the middle and without tension in the picture. But what happens when you change the angles? And when you bring someone into play who confuses the perspective again. Pay attention to the depth of field with such subjects. It’s often even easier to take photos with a smartphone.

photoshoot ideas
Source: Webneel Design Inspiration / Pinterest


Thought great around the corner in this creative photo idea. Because motif and reflection in the mirror complete each other. You can use any frame or object to make your view more interesting. The view through the fence, the view through the bridge railing, or whatever you can think of. Or just like here – an exciting reflection with a low perspective.

The world is upside down!

Whichever way you start, always try to reconsider your photo idea. Think of the opposite! Everyone takes pictures while standing, so kneel down. Everyone takes photos from the front, so take photos from behind. Or just like here – everyone takes pictures the right way round – turn your photo upside down.

photoshoot ideas
Source: Pinterest / Photo Extremist from Flickr (cc)

Action on the lawn

What a cute photo idea – play with pictures and picture stories. For such ideas, find a stepladder or at least an elevated position and keep your frame clean. This is how the lawn becomes your background!

The perspective from above – perfect for such creative action shoots 🙂

It’s raining melon seeds

These are great ideas for at home too. Here are some great ideas for creative photography at home.

Source: Pinterest

The somewhat different self-portrait

Another great creative motif idea for your photography: Again we use the mirror and photograph an exciting portrait.

Source / Photo: Chema Madoz

Hard shadows create shapes

Light and shadow make so much. So learn to play with it. About the effect of light, I have again written down a lot of tips and tricks on the subject of Introduction: Light in Photography.

Look out for harsh shadows and isolate them as best you can

You don’t play with food – do you?

There are a few factors that make your flatlay even better: the right surface (ceiling, floor – stone floor or wooden planks -, table top), the suitable objects (we choose these according to color), the successful staging (e.g. let some space between things) and the light (I prefer daylight – so no artificial light). Here is an example from Austrian photographer Marion Luttenberger.

photoshoot ideas
Source: Photo by Marion Luttenberger from Behance

The zipper – or something like that

I love creating fascinating photos from seemingly inconspicuous places and unspectacular or even banal situations. However, this requires perseverance, attention, and above all, patience. But it’s worth it!.

Source / Photo: Klaus-Peter Kubik,

The hand – nothing more

Wow, how little a good photo takes. But is it that little? Here you have light, shadow, lines, and a hand. I have also written down a few exciting 11 ingenious tips for cool photos on the subject of image design.

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset

From a minimalist point of view

Minimalist photo ideas are about reducing a scene so that I only keep the most important elements in the photo. Choose a striking, engaging motif that catches the eye. The challenge is – similar to the topic “less is more” – to focus the effect of your photo through simplicity and omission.

Upside down – the glass with reflection

photoshoot ideas
Source: Pinterest

Perfect combination – reflection, lines and perspective

Reflection in your photography is a great stylistic device – and often so easy if you develop your eye for it.

If you feel like it, take it a step further. Turn your reflection into the abstract – at best, let the viewer guess what you are photographing in the reflection.

photoshoot ideas
Source: Speckyboy Design Magazine / Pinterest

Inside / outside

A fascinating combination of reflection and silhouette and such an exciting creative photo idea.

photoshoot ideas
Source: In White (Pinterest

Up and away!

Yeah, this genre opens up a magical range of photo ideas. So get out on the street (and make sure that it is not used) and get started with your creative photo ideas

Source: BabyCenter / Pinterest

Puddles and reflection

You need patience for this. But we always need that in our photography. In addition, the contrast has been made nice and full and the super imaginative photo idea is ready to imitate.

photoshoot ideas
Source: piccsy.com/Pinterest

Shadows create shapes

Where there is light, there is also shadow. And shadows are very exciting. This is exactly our new challenge on our way to learn photography. This scene can also be anywhere, whether the way into the living room or the way to the Greek restaurant around the corner. Train your eye for lines and light – and you will discover this motif everywhere.

Source: flickr.com/pinterest

Unusual reflections

photoshoot ideas
Source: Bridal Guide Magazine / Pinterest

Shadow games

photoshoot ideas
Shadow plays perfectly staged. Source: Weddbook / Pinterest

Lines, a filled neckline and colors

It is precisely the perspective from a slight elevation and the filling of the section (i.e. omitting the horizon) that makes such photo ideas so exciting. So take it as creative inspiration and do it your way.

photoshoot ideas
Colors and lines – perfect combination! Photo / Source: Pinterest

Illusions and shadows

Another great idea with light and shadow. Add a self-made frame and a photo light – the creative effect for your photo is ready.

photoshoot ideas
What a cool idea for that special effect.

Double exposure insomniac

Great idea – a double exposure. Reminds me of dreaming.

photoshoot ideas
Fascinating double exposure wake / sleep. Photo / Source: The Endearing Designer

The egg in the midday sun

Photo: Lars Poeck / An egg, a fork and sunlight at lunchtime – the creative photo motif is ready

My view of things: tilt the horizon

Great idea and actually so easy. Tilt the horizon and deceive the viewer.

photoshoot ideas
My world! Tilt the horizon. Photo / Source: Flickr / SGPhotography77

Portraits of your passion

Take photos of people doing what they like, but in a different way.

Photo: Pamela Hachem

Change the perspective and angle

Photo: Lars Poeck / Take a second look and change your perspective!

You can see ghosts in the water: take a picture of the mirror image

It looks so wonderfully mysterious: the reflection in the water. Pale, unclear and yet unambiguous. Great idea!

In the water you see a ghost reflection. Photo / Source: Flickr / Shannon Kringen

Creative photo idea: upside down world

Why did I never come up with such a simple trick myself, please? Wonderful! I want to imitate it now!

photoshoot ideas
So easy and so great! Photo / source: Koldunov / photosight.ru

Portrait and water

photoshoot ideas
What a fascinating photo idea! Photo: Kai Boettcher (www.kai-boettcher.com/photography)

The old paper: tunnel to the secret

I like this photo, but I’m not sure where it came from. At the end of the tunnel you can see the forest, sometimes a person, sometimes a deer. But that’s perhaps what makes the idea of ​​the tunnel in macro photography so exciting. I don’t care if it was finally tinkered with Photoshop 🙂

photoshoot ideas
This photo is haunted by the web in several versions. Photo / Source: http://bed3.tumblr.com/image/132161110089

Headless: Confusion made easy

A great idea from the photographer Hannah Ruth. But logically you need two models if the idea is to go well!