68+1 Poses For A Woman Photo Shoot (WITH EXAMPLES)

The portrait is one of the disciplines most practiced by any photographer, because you like it more (it is usually one of the favorite subjects) or less, in the end there are always people around you who you want to portray or who you will have to do a session even if it is by commitment. The point is that we see ourselves countless times photographing people who have not posed but who have to pose. So today I bring you a few ideas to guide you with the poses for a woman photo shoot. Of course, these ideas come in the form of an image, so that it is easier for you to visualize them and have them on hand.

In this article you will find more natural poses, more forced, with a challenging, jovial, formal and informal attitude, etc. The idea is that you have a wide repertoire so that you can choose the most appropriate pose for the moment, for the model and for what you want to convey.

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This time we are going to see different poses for women photo shoot. Soon, we will dedicate another article for male poses. That, obviously, the portrait is not only a feminine question 😉. You will find different types of poses depending on how the model is:

  1. Standing
  2. Supported
  3. Sitting
  4. Squatting
  5. Lying down

Contortionists (below you’ll see what I mean 😉)

The ones you use in each session will depend on you. Keep in mind that, depending on who you are photographing, some poses will be more successful than others, depending on age, personality, context, etc.

Before continuing, although I am going to show you more natural portraits and others more posed, if what you are looking for are completely spontaneous portraits, in this article we will tell you how to achieve them as if it were a robbery.

And now yes, let’s go with the poses for photo shoot one by one 😉.


They are the most helpful because there is not always a place to sit or lie down, especially when you are outdoors.


One version of the standing poses is when there is a wall, wall, tree, or anywhere to lean on. It can be a good option to break the ice when there is no place to sit, as a point of support can always give your model security.


If you have a place for your model to sit, it is the best option to break the ice because it will feel more comfortable. Places to sit can be a stool, a sofa, a wall, a ladder, the floor itself, etc. Once everything is flowing, she feels more secure and you notice that you have completely connected, you can try other types of poses. Here are a few to get started:


The lying poses can range from some more spontaneous lying on the grass to more intimate or seductive photographs. You can use them for the message, to change the background, the perspective, because they ask you or because you feel like it. Depending on the type of session you have in mind, you will choose the most appropriate place. What I leave you here are some ideas to inspire you.


This is not the most comfortable version for some people, but for others, or when you don’t have a foothold or a place to sit, it can be interesting or a good solution. A shy woman is even likely to prefer to start squatting rather than standing. Practice and experience will solve these doubts, I’ll leave you the ideas 😉.


This last type of pose that I have called contortionists (when you see them you will understand), they are not far from natural, but they are impressive. Everything will depend on the type of portrait you want, but if you are looking for something different, interesting and that causes a reaction of surprise, these may be your ideal poses. Also if your model practices yoga 😉.

These are ideas, from here you can improvise and modify these poses at your whim or depending on the needs or those of your own model.

If this topic has hooked you, I recommend that you get the book that I reviewed in his day about the art of portraying women. And you have at your disposal many resources related to the portrait in this article.

I hope this article has served as inspiration, both for finding poses and for portraits in general. Ideas to start you have plenty, now creativity depends on you.

If you found it helpful, please share so other people don’t go without some ideas in their next portrait session. Sharing helps us to continue creating content for you. Thanks and see you soon!