10 Tips for Best Interior Design And Real Estate Photography 2022

Many of us cannot afford the cost of hiring a decorator to do interior design and Real Estate Photography work to be attractive, wonderful and utilize all areas of the home, but this does not mean that we cannot obtain these advantages on our own!

Our interior design experts helped us and gave us the best interior design advice to create an eye-catching and eye-catching design. If you want to renovate your home, follow these tips to do it yourself without spending a lot of money

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10 Tips for Best Real Estate Photography in 2021

Combine different design styles harmoniously

There are no restrictions for designing your own place, it is all about your imagination, where you can add modern style elements with traditional style decor, for example.

If you are afraid of mixing more than one model with each other, designers advise you to stick to specific colors and start coordinating them instead.

Diversification in the use of different style pieces of furniture

Designers say that the symmetry of all the room furniture pieces of the same style, is a really old trend, and it is even better to mix different style pieces to get a different and wonderful spirit like mixing a modern style sofa with an antique style chair with a wooden table in harmony with metal chairs! This harmonious combination will give the design more radiance and beauty!

Avoid designs that are too simple

Experts also tell us that the trend of “the fewer details the more attractive the appearance” is not in vogue anymore, as the so-called “visual overload” is in vogue.

The content of this trend requires you to use as many different elements as possible, such as mixing metal with wood, artwork with small pieces of furniture, and anything else you would like to add.

Remember, monochrome colors and neutral interiors are no longer appealing, which is why your design should be more vibrant.

Don’t place furniture on the walls, if possible

When we plan to place the furniture in the room, the first thing that comes to us is to push all the furniture against the walls, to save space, but it turns out that this is just a belief, and that it will reflect the boring spirit of the place.

Instead, create extra spaces by placing the furniture differently than on the walls if possible, while decorating the space with some elegant touches, to make the interior design taste great and unique.

Color harmony is essential in interior design

Designers insist on sticking to harmonious color tones when designing a room, and this applies to anything in the room, including walls, furniture, curtains, furnishings, etc.
They also tell us that bright colors do not match pastel colors, so you should only choose one of them.

But this does not mean at all that you will get a boring design, but on the contrary, you can mix different shades of colors to create a wonderful harmony and harmony between them, and you can also use the appropriate color tones with each other on the Internet, to get your own mix.

Take measurements accurately

This is a very common design mistake made by inexperienced people, it either gets crowded in the room or vice versa. To avoid such a problem, it is recommended to take accurate measurements of the dimensions of the room, taking into account the size of the walls (Socalo), and for this it is better to measure from the bottom so do not underestimate these centimeters.

And of course, measure the dimensions of the pieces you want to buy to visualize their space in your room. Interior design software, which allows you to visualize your room in 3D, may help you with all the measurements and visualize what the room will look like next. Professionals also advise keeping walkways clear by allowing a space of 36 inches (91 cm).

Not restricting the use of rooms according to what the are called

You are not obligated to give a specific name to any space inside your home, as you can use the same room for more than one purpose, for example you can put the dining table in the same room as the library! Or put your small office in the same living room!

I think this trend is wonderful for the exploitation of spaces, especially since the spaces of the apartments are currently small, and we must use every space in them without exaggerating the placing of furniture.

Pay attention to lighting, as it has a vital effect on the overall design

Lighting is a very important element in any design because it represents a source of light and also adds a touch of decoration as well. Usually, one source of light is not sufficient in an entire room as it can make things appear too dark.

Therefore, it is recommended to use more than one source of light at different levels, to create a wonderful atmosphere and complete the design in addition to providing the appropriate lighting for each room.

Utilize the space as much as possible and not leave spaces between the furniture

If you leave large spaces between pieces of furniture, then you are in fact wasting the space that you have, because you can simply place the furniture in a symmetrical and somewhat close manner, and use the remaining space to place a table on which a light source or put green plants or use it in any way you want or even leave it empty.

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Rely on your own taste while taking inspiration from other designers

Once we start to visualize the design of our homes, we immediately start looking at other designers’ websites for inspiration, which is actually good, but remember that your home is where you will spend your leisure time and it should fit your personality, taste and your partner’s taste.

That is why it is best to have your own taste and draw inspiration from other additions and ideas from other designers, but they are not the basis, so that your spirit and taste are in the place.

Which lens is suitable for photographing home furniture:

The most important thing in photographing home furniture is to maintain its geometry, i.e. its natural shape without distortion, so it is advised not to rely on wide-angle lenses such as: 20mm, 24mm, 28mm … while the photographer can use a fixed lens such as the 50mm lens or even the standard 18-55mm lens. In fact, the defining lens for this type of photography is that the aperture is large and allows the maximum amount of light to pass through.

All this contributes to meeting the need of the buyer and the desire of the seller alike and obtaining satisfactory results for both parties in a short time through professional photography, which plays the role of the main engine in the supply and thus the sale and purchase.

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The most important difficulties and obstacles that a photographer can face while photographing home furniture:

  1. The spaces are usually limited and narrow, which stresses the screws on the photographer and makes him uncomfortable with my position in front of the subject, which makes it necessary for him to search for the best possible angle in order to capture the ideal image, depending on the type of lens used.
  2. Unlike the photography inside the studio, which the photographer prepares and arranges with what suits him in the filming process, the home space forces him to adapt and deal wisely with every inch available in front of him of the space separating him from the target to be photographed.
  3. Home lighting is often the most important difficulty that the photographer has to face and arrange for well, which means using a flash that has enough light strength to illuminate the subject to appear as if he was photographed under the influence of natural lighting.
  4. Artificial lighting inside the house is not suitable for some types of home furniture, as its reflection on it may distort its natural aesthetic. The photographer should use the reflectors to avoid direct lighting at the target, whether it is flashlight or strobe lights.
  5. Photographing in a room that contains different types of lighting causes unwanted shadows to appear in different areas on the furniture to be photographed.
  6. Natural light emanating from windows often creates a useless reflection on furniture, especially if it is made of polished wood, which forces the photographer to change the angle of photography and correct the lighting through the use of artificial lighting.
  7. The composition of the image in a house that contains a large number of furniture is the most complex link that a photographer can deal with, since the matter stresses the screws and forces him to choose the appropriate position in front of the target in order to obtain an ideal composition that appeals to the viewer.