In this article I will talk about second-hand cameras, and how a camera used, old, cheap, and outdated can change your fate photographic forever. For the better, of course.

If you were mulling over the idea of buying a camera slr, on the page before you right now you’re going to find the answers to all the questions related to the acquisition of a second hand cameras.

In addition to give you my opinion on the purchase of old cameras or second-hand (I have an opinion very clear, as you will see in a moment), I’m going to provide a series of tips, tricks, resources and links to other articles that we have on the blog, where we approach the topic of the cameras occasion from different angles.

Let’s start then.


To illustrate my idea about the slr cameras of second-hand versus the new, I ask permission of my dear readers, to become, for a brief moment, in the character of a small story that I’ll tell you. In the next lines you will be the protagonist. Obviously, this is a fictional story, but I want to you get into the role as if it were real.

I don’t know how long have you been dedicating to the photo, I don’t know if you already had a camera, or if you were considering start yet. In any case, let’s imagine that you are someone who loves photography, someone who always wanted to pursue photography as a hobby, but never had the occasion to venture into this exciting world of photography… until now.

You want to get started in photography and buy your first camera good, but… you have no idea (yet). You have a budget of 800 euros, so you get on the Internet and, after a while of researching for a good camera, dslr new. Although it is made for a fan, the camera has very good looking, is a big brand and… it is the last model that just launched. What a good investment! buying a latest model camera so you can have peace of mind that it will not be obsolete in a short time.

But in a moment: what are you going to serve a dslr camera without lens? The body of the camera itself is useless while not carry a lens attached. So, along with the camera, choose the pack that brings included a target series. This mode hurry up the budget that you had, but that’s okay, because that way you ensure you’re able to use your camera as soon as you leave the dealer in your house. What a win!

Have spent a couple of days, they are 11 and fourth in the morning and… someone ring the bell. Through the peephole (with fish-eye effect) check that at the door of your house there’s a man in the uniform of a delivery company holding a large box.

Your heart beats to a thousand. The dream you were wearing chasing your whole life is on the other side of the door. Finally, the day has come to eagerly expect.

At this point we will pause the story for a moment. Don’t worry about that right now, I will tell you the end (things will get very interesting, now what you’ll see). But before I want you to go back with me a moment ago. I want to go back to the day that the world did you buy a camera.

Let’s imagine an alternative path 🙂

You’re still the person he had always felt something for the picture and that is finally deciding to take the step. The difference, this time, is that in the moment you want to look slr cameras, instead of opting for the latest release, you decide to investigate between dslr cameras are second-hand. Parts with the same 800 euros, but in this alternative version of the story you’ve just decanted by a digital slr camera used, old, cheap, and obsolete. You buy it for a whopping $ 90.

View your account… you are leaving $ 750 budget with those who do not know what to do. You dedicate yourself to do a little more research, you learn things, and you end up adding to your order a basic objective, to start with, and another that is more advanced that you found out on a forum and whose photographic results seemed promising. Let’s say that is the 50mm f/1.4 (which I call the King of the Objectives).

In addition to the two objectives add some other accessory, backpack, perhaps, and above all, you like a photography course that allows you to get a good start.

A few days later, the same thing: in the morning and… someone ring the bell. A view through the peephole, and there you have the dealer, this time doing stunts to keep this mountain of boxes that takes up the (camera, lenses, backpack, etc), and that will cover your face completely.

Again, your heart beats to a thousand. The dream you were wearing chasing your whole life is on the other side of the door. Finally, the day has come to eagerly expect.

As you have seen, I’ve taken the liberty to take you, my dear reader, by two different paths. Two different versions of the same story. At this point, how do you think that will end up with each one of the two ways?

What will become of this “you” that you have opted for a new camera, the last model?

What will become of that other version of you that you have opted for an old model and rudimentary?

You would not believe. Every day there are people who follow the first path, the bet for a new camera, and others who opt for the second way, that of buying a camera for the occasion.

This is one of those life issues for which there is not a single answer. There is a right way and one wrong.

What is certain, is that I’ve seen people have success with a photo camera new, latest model, and I have seen them fail in spite of having the latest how hard photography. In the same way, I also know to amateur photographers who opted for a model supposedly “outdated”, but in spite of that they were able to get very far as a photographer.

If among buyers of new cameras there are people who are doing well and others not so much, and if among those who acquire a camera second hand there are also people who come very far in the photographic results and others that are left behind, do you not want to tell us that, in fact, that the camera is new or old, that is advanced or basic, little influence on the result?

If the camera is new or old influences so little in the result, but it costs 90 euros, and another 700 or 800 euros, and the 90 leaves us a margin of money to invest in a goal, accessories and, above all, to invest in “growth” as photographers, and in learning, it makes sense to give back to the option “camera second-hand”?

I don’t know. I don’t want to take the party to no conditioning. This story is simply an invitation to reflection, do not take it for granted that a new camera has to be necessarily better than a second hand.

I don’t want to demonize the new cameras. As a photographer, when I did need to buy cameras, I bought new when I thought I was fitting it. Other times I have returned to buy cameras and were second-hand. I have a good collection of photo cameras dslr, some bought new and second hand, and the truth is that both groups gave me joy and great satisfaction.

That said, I think there is an opinion popularized who believes that the second hand cameras are mirrorless by definition, and that the new ones are good per se.

Big mistake.

Might interest you: Mirrorless VS DSLR Camera – Which One Is Better?


In December 2019, it occurred to me to conduct an experiment to refute this false belief. The experiment was to acquire an ancient digital slr camera, the more outdated that I can find for sale on the market, second-hand, and trying to get decent photos with it. 


There are many stores, both physical and online, where you can find many photos of the second hand in a state very decent. Another option would be to search between ads and individuals to buy the camera to a particular, though I don’t recommend it. Did you know that the majority of stores, both physical and online, that sell cameras, second-hand, usually include some type of warranty? With a particular you do not have this guarantee.

In my case, all my second hand cameras are from eBay. There are many online stores of “second-hand”, but I think that where a greater variety of products and above all (this is essential) where most warranties offer you is in this portal on concrete.

Section cameras on eBay

Below we will discuss product categories of photography-specific, second-hand, and that’s where you’ll leave links for you to be convenient to them.


I don’t have anything against Wallapop, but the criteria that I apply in my personal life is the following: if the me is going to sell the camera used is a particular, I’m not interested. It gives Me as I go to leave more economic. I’m not interested.

Wallapop and many other websites and apps the only thing you do is put in contact with individuals that sell their things to others. The concept is nice, interesting, but boy, I’d rather have my assurances, and that’s why eBay is the only site where I have made purchases of second-hand.


In a matter of cameras, I have always recommended the two most well-known brands Canon and Nikon, because of its popularity, the amount of models they offer, and how easy it is to find documentation, user guides, courses, videos, and material specific to your models.

There are other brands of cameras, equally good and valid, but that not being so popular, it’s hard to find information, guides and videos dedicated to them.

One more thing: for some searches, it is possible that you appear new products also. This is because on eBay they sell both second-hand products as new.

On the other hand, the products of photography of second-hand appear on eBay (cameras, lenses and accessories) disappear quickly. This is because, usually, there is no stock of several units, at least not in the products of the occasion. When a store has, for example, a Nikon D7000 occasion for sale on eBay, typically you only have that drive. The faster you make the order is the one that stays. This keep this in mind when you’re looking at cameras or photo accessories for you.

I hope that this mega-guide has been helpful and that you have found in it the answers to all your questions. If you have more questions, I can leave in the comments below. I will do my best to respond to all over the world.

As always, thank you for your time. If you’ve enjoyed this article share it because in your secure environment that you can think of someone to whom this information may come in handy.