What is Street Photography Fashion And its Objectives

Street photography for fashion or advertising campaigns is a great challenge and responsibility. It involves choosing models, spaces, light, moments that one into the type of photography we want to do.

Richard Avedon, subjected his photographic models to long sessions of four hours in order to tire them, seeking that when tired they express the most sincere and natural feelings of him.

We have tried to make our models happy, enjoy the moment and remember it in a special way, to bring out two unique women.

We have intended to achieve spontaneous and urban portraits, to unite street photography with fashion photography. With natural light and outdoors, without forced poses. And although the job was to show fashion accessories for an advertising campaign, we have had in mind a chat and a snack with them, telling secrets and confidences, in order to know them better before shooting.

What is Street photography fashion?

For Streetphotographycolor, Street photography fashion responds to a professional photography session that takes place on the street or in urban settings. The final image of these photography reports is based on fashion photography, editorial photography and to be more specific, on street fashion.

It became more popular in the 1970s, thanks to photographer Bill Cunningham, although it was around 2005 that he really gained recognition. Since then, its growth has been very fast, mainly through fashion blogs and some photographers who have specialized in this photographic genre.

By definition, street photography fashion tries to capture the essence of what is in fashion among people in urban life. What clothes they wear, how they interpret fashion, and feel the style of what they wear. Somehow this style would show real world trends.

Based on this idea, this photographic category has evolved and taken various paths to, without neglecting its original nature, giving rise to various ways of developing the Street Style photography style.

Who is it made for?

Street photography fashion sessions that we have designed at Streetphotographycolor are perfect for influencers, models, actresses, fashion brands, clothing stores, jewelry and watch designers, even for companies or brands that want to carry out marketing campaigns or generate photographic material for different promotional purposes.

Objectives of these photographs

The main objective of these photographs is to show fashion beyond the catwalks or the so-called “haute couture”.

It is about capturing how people understand fashion in the urban context in which they develop their daily lives. Under this premise, the purpose of the images obtained in these photography sessions can be infinite and gives the possibility to any lover of fashion and urban environments to enjoy this photographic style.