Street Photography in Italy 2022: What you need to know

In Italy, you know, you are going to lose your mind to the beauty of the cities and small towns, where there is the opportunity to take magnificent Street Photography, there is such diversity from a region to another that anyone who takes photographs is delighted.

In small villages it is still possible to find traditions and folklore, people who live the street as an integral part of their homes. You can come across a card game between elderly people in the streets of the town or find chairs outside the doors, where the elderly ladies converse as if they were at home.

Street Photography in Italy

In the cities there is a more hectic life and a lot more people. Each city has its own particular architecture, so it is worth visiting all of them or at least the most important ones. Each city has its own culture and history, customs and variety of urban landscape. In Naples you can come across very characteristic scenes such as traveling in 3 without a helmet and in the wrong direction. Or the various open-air markets where the fishermen themselves sell fish. You get lost in small streets and huge squares, buildings with balconies, where there is a swarm of neighborhood life, children playing and clothes hanging. In addition there is the sea, the industrial port and the oldest and most touristic one.

Street Photography in Italy

Rome is the capital and not only geographically. Rome is the Baroque, the outdoor tables of the trattorias, the red colors of the buildings, the people in the narrow and populous streets. You can find authentic Rome in popular neighborhoods such as the ancient Jewish quarter called “the ghetto” or Testaccio, a gem of characters to be photographed. Also in many places it is possible to photograph magnificent examples of street art.

I could write for hours about the beautiful street photos to take in Italy, each city is a world unto itself in each one you will find the ancient and the modern, the sea or the river, true poverty and authentic wealth, a screech of contrasts not to be missed.