11 Tips for Beginner to Professional Photography!

If you have a great desire to learn the basics and tips for beginner photography and master the art of professional photography then do not worry, it is only a matter of time.

Professional photography is an art that not everyone is good at in light of the great explosion in the field of photography, in recent years everyone of us young and old has owned a smart phone that contains a high-quality camera, and takes pictures here and there, perhaps some of them will remain as memories for years if not Most of it will remain in our phone or laptop’s memory.

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But professional photography with a sophisticated digital camera is somewhat different from photography on mobile and smartphones.

We will give you advice for beginners in the field of digital camera photography from Canon, Sony and other popular brands.

11 Important Tips for Beginning Professional Photography

1- Do not rush to buy expensive photographic equipment

Perhaps most of those who wish to start learning professional photography feel great enthusiasm and excitement.

This is great and important thing, but make it positive and use it the right way.

Do not make the mistake of buying expensive photographic equipment, while the beginning does not require all this rush, as your simple equipment that you have now is sufficient for the beginning of learning and getting beautiful pictures.

Then you will gradually begin to understand what kind of equipment you will need, and you will get to know the type of camera you will need in the next phase.

Then start searching the Internet for supplies that will help you advance in the professional photography field.

2- Keep your camera with you at all times

Many times you will find yourself in the perfect position to capture an amazing photo you never thought of with a friend, a stunning landscape, or a living creature in an odd position.

where is the camera??

It is illogical not to be prepared to take great photos if you have a great desire to professionalize photography, and many of the suitable moments for capturing are sometimes unexpected.

So try to make your photographic equipment simple and easy to carry with you permanently without causing you any kind of inconvenience.

Just a tripod stand and a small professional camera bag are enough to keep you ready to shoot anywhere and anytime.

3- Write down the types of photos that should be taken

Make notes about the photos you should take next.

You may not be able to carry the camera with you at times, so carrying a small blog or your smartphone blog will do the trick, as you will be able to return to the same place to take pictures at a later time, as you must make sure to write down all the details such as lighting, weather and angle ..

Often times we miss suitable opportunities for irreplaceable images, this method will help you in that.

4- Enjoy learning professional photography

Take advantage of your love for your hobby by going on and feeling fun while doing so.

The hobby of photography will make you see the world from different angles, try to make this in your favor and make it enjoyable to reach a better level, do not make photography a tiring work, just let it be a time for enjoyment and a natural routine for you in your daily life, that will be much better as it will return to you With positive results in the future.

5- Test the camera settings

Don’t just rely on the settings you are used to in the beginning.

There are a lot of settings that you have not tried before, think about trying them to see the difference and the benefit of their presence, you are sure to discover something new.

Try to photograph subjects in different settings and compare them, inevitably you will find something different, which will make you able to describe it in your next pictures.

6- Use photo editing software

It is necessary to learn photo editing programs, Photoshop and others.

The use of photo editing software is very important, this will make your photos better by modifying the colors and hiding some defects that you did not notice while taking them, these programs have a great role in the field of professional photography, they will make your photos more beautiful than you think, among the programs that we recommend:

There are many other programs you can rely on, but the best one is the famous Photoshop.

7- Don’t take just one photo

Try to take several photos from the same angle.

Perhaps some of the pictures that you previously captured encountered a movement or a quick snapshot that you did not notice while filming. Taking many pictures of one scene will be better than not, as you will be able to choose the best photo and the position that you deem appropriate.

It will not cost you any effort, while it will return to you with positive results

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8- Don’t be afraid to experiment

Many times we hold back our talents.

Why you can’t try anything you can think of, any strange picture you have the right to try.

If you own a professional digital camera, you should know that the cost of errors is free, it will not cost you anything, just try what you see as strange and that no one has ever done, professional photography is a set of failed experiments that led to successful and impressive experiments.

Professionalism is a very advanced stage that must pass through the stage of failure, or rather let’s call it the beginning stage in which you consider yourself just a beginner, after which you will pass without feeling to the stage of professionalism that you dream of.

Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment and you will reach what you want, as experience is the secret of professionalism in all fields.

9- Take advantage of free professional photography education resources

The Internet is a vast sea, in which you will find many sites that will teach you for free.

If you really have a great desire and love for the hobby of photography or professionalism, there are many educational websites about that.

Among these sites:

And many other sites that will undoubtedly help you develop.

10- Try photography during sunset and sunrise

One of the great times to take professional photos is the “golden hour”.

The golden hour is an hour before sunrise or sunset, it will be really wonderful pictures, if you have not tried it before, this is your chance to try it.

Take advantage of the opportunity an hour before sunset by going to the beach or any open place to take pictures there with a friend.

11- Courses and institutes are not enough to learn professional photography

If you have received a training in one of the institutes specialized in the field of professional photography, then this is excellent.

But it does not mean that you are really a professional photographer, working diligently through photography permanently will raise your level and increase your experience.

Try to make photography a hobby that you do almost daily, so professionalism will be just a matter of time, whether for a professional mobile photography or digital camera.

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With the “11” tips they gave you can improve over time and become an excellent photographer.

We did not provide all the advice that you will need, but these are only some of the points that will help you in the beginning stage, after which you will pass to the next level that requires more depth in the field of professional photography that is developing day after day.

The enthusiasm you currently feel will not always last with you, so try to take advantage of it positively, by getting to know friends like you, this will increase your attachment to photography and help you to become a professional photographer in the future.