The wedding photography sparked a huge interest in this profession. it was once a mere sustenance that some were embarrassed to even recognize, but fortunately, times have changed, it has become a discipline admired and award-winning.

The creativity and the skill of those involved in the wedding photography have made many enthusiasts get the look in this sector to launch a career, or photographers from other sectors the look with little eyes to expand its line of business.

That’s why today I have decided to publish this mega guide dedicated to the photography of wedding, especially for you…:

  • if as a professional you’re thinking of expanding business in other areas
  • that you want to turn your hobby into a source of income
  • you get married and you’re looking for advice when choosing a photographer

“How can I give my first steps as a professional wedding photographer?, what equipment and supplies do I need? how do I get that I hire? what lens should I use?” From time to time I get questions from readers of the blog who dream of becoming photographers wedding and looking for some guidance. I’d like nothing more than to be able to give them the infallible formula for success as a wedding photographer, but it is that I do not do wedding photography. I never worked in this kind of photography and I don’t see myself the best person to advise on this matter.

However, at the insistence of many that I have written (to those who might not have been able to respond, I apologize), it has occurred to me to write about the steps you would take if one day I decide to work as a wedding photographer and gather all the information that we have in the blog on the discipline, written by the team as professional wedding photography that wanted to participate as guest authors. I know that we read many other industry professionals, are invited to share their thoughts below in the comments section.

To sum up, in this mega guide, I compiled all the information you have to know about a wedding photographer, in addition, I explain, in detail and with concrete examples, the steps that I would recommend to anyone who wanted to establish themselves as a professional photographer of weddings, including the errors that tends to fall most of the neophytes, and what I would do to fix them.

What you will read below is the guide that I would still inside out to begin my career as a wedding photographer, and surely you can get a lot of ideas. And is that a wedding photographer you have to be a photographer and entrepreneur.

Before we go into the matter, a brief phrase…


The first thing I would say is that it’s a huge responsibility. Above all. A wedding is an event so special and unique that failure becomes a catastrophe. For the couple (and the memories that remain of one of the most important days of your life) and your reputation as a photographer.

It is not a portrait session that you can repeat whenever you want. Is a wedding that (with luck) occurs only once in the life of the protagonists, so in the wedding photography there is a second opportunity to do it well.

Clarified this point, the wedding photography is the discipline of photographs that portrays the entire process of a marital bond. It can be from the session pre-wedding until the post wedding if they want the bride and groom (to thee you are interested in to convince you, below I will tell you why). What it does include is always the same day of the wedding: the preparations of the bride and groom at home; the celebration, which can be religious or not; and the banquet, reception, lunch, or dinner and dance (this last can never be lacking in a wedding, right?😜 ).


It may be that everything we’re talking about becoming a professional wedding photography does not go with you. Maybe you’ve fallen down the brown (yes, it is a brown you look where you look at it) of photographing the wedding of your best friend. A good friend of truth, don’t ask. And a good friend, really, it would respond to hire a professional.


I think twice. Not three. Only two.

I want you to think how many wedding photographers you think there are? How many? Do a few? Well, and now I also want you to think of the number of couples that are married, or at least make it a celebration of union and they require a photographer.

In the beginning, everything seems to indicate that the market for wedding photographers is slightly saturated. Every time there are more people that is launched with an slr camera to cover weddings and, in exchange, I have the feeling (not handling concrete statistics) that the number of marriages is not going especially in growth. In other words, each time more photographers have to fight for to divide the pie of the wedding, and I’m not referring to the meringue cake exactly, but the number of customers.

Does this mean that he would drop the idea completely? In any of the ways. I’m just saying that, like in any other business-like appearance of our life, in this case you must also think twice before getting into this story. And notice as I say in the beginning of this section, “two times, not three.” I say that because I do not give him too many turns, nor do I want you to do so. Throw the whole life thinking something does not make it to work, that “we’ll see”, “little by little”, or “some day” are not normally guarantee of success. If you want to enter the world of wedding photography, that “some day” is today, right now. This mega guide will provide you with everything you need to start with a good foot, so do not postpone more.

The decision is made, let us continue with the rest of the items that we would have to consider if we wanted to live of the wedding photography.


As is logical, we would need a camera. Here I have a personal opinion that maybe are not shared by many: the camera does not need to be especially costly or professional. Yes, portraying a wedding is a fully professional job, but carry a professional camera is not a necessary condition. If you can afford one for it, but if not, any camera user medium-advanced should be useful to you. However, I would invest some money in an extra camera. This is very important because at a wedding you can’t afford to appear before the bride and groom and with a smile announce that due to technical issues beyond your control (come on, you have broken the camera), you will not be able to cover the rest of the event. More than anything because your life would be in some danger 😉

It takes a second camera replacement

A second camera will allow you to have a kind of “spare wheel” if at a given moment your main camera will fail. On the other hand, a second camera can be useful if you wanted to switch between two objectives (very recommended). You’d have one mounted in the first chamber and another in the second. Permanently. So you could switch between a camera and the other without having to walk stopping off camera, unscrewing a goal, while a guest you hold the other goal. Just imagine the situation please: around the world, celebration in the heat of the wedding, and the photographer there curled up in a corner, fumbling with the objective that does not end screwing correctly 🙂

If you can’t afford two cameras do not worry, you can start with one and later when you have gained a few stories you do it with someone. In the meantime, what you can do is work with any camera that allows to record photos in two memory cards at the same time. What, that is possible? Yes sir!, some cameras take 2 slots for memory card and allow you to record pictures automatically in two cards at once. The advantage of this is that if, during or after the wedding you become aware of being that a card has failed and can no longer retrieve your content, you get peace of mind knowing that the second card still keeping a copy with all the photos.


Usually you will need, almost necessarily, the one I call the king of the objectives, along with a telephoto lens, ideal for portraying scenes candids of bride and groom, family and guests during the wedding while staying unnoticed. Finally, you may also come in handy a great angle to take a group photo or simply to contextualize the wedding within the environment in a comprehensive manner.

I’ve also seen a photo of a wedding taken with a fish-eye. You’re not going to shoot the entire wedding with the fish-eye, but if you have one, any other snapshot is fun.

In addition to the goals that you just mentioned you need some accessories. Inevitably, a good flash, and if you can also use a diffuser flash. Will allow you to get portraits of the bride and groom very enlightened but with a touch of softness that is very good for the occasion. You can also make with LED lights. From there, the rest of the accessories for my taste are optional, or, at least, not essential at all: tripod, reflector, etc, You may start with what you just mentioned, the rest is up to you build on the fly, without hurry, and according to your needs.

You’re going to be meeting with clients, before and after the wedding. Should you have a tablet or iPad to go by showing examples that will allow you to arrange details. It is important that we do a reportage wedding is not how you like, but as they would like them. In your meetings pre-wedding you will have to teach examples, whether taken by you or by other photographers, even can be simple photos of the Internet. What is important is that you see examples and talk about them. Your role in these meetings is to find out the type of photography that I love, that will leave you completely satisfied.

To iPad or tablet is added on the computer with which you would process the pictures before giving them to your customers. If you’re on a tight budget you can get a laptop with these light that’s there now, and what you use to edit your photos in to meet with the couple to discuss examples.

Well, we already have a camera, lenses and other accessories, what more do we need? A Dropbox account 😉

I say Dropbox because it is very popular, but any similar service can be worth. Dropbox, for someone who doesn’t know, is an online service that will allow you to:

  • Store photos in your account Dropbox, outside of your computer. This is essential because as a professional photographer you’ll have to keep a complete archive with all, absolutely all the pictures you take with your clients, including the client to draw, and at first you say that you don’t want to. If some day the customer needs, you can always have them to hand. The good thing of being able to store them outside of your computer is that you have the security of not losing them ever. You will always be in your account. Even if you change your computer with the passage of the years, although I miss it, even though you lost.
  • Another utility of Dropbox is to be able to organize all of your work in folders, can be by date, or by customer name, or as you will see, and so go sharing the folder of each wedding with the respective client. It is very practical.

If you don’t like Dropbox, you can use Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Amazon, or other similar services.

Ah, Dropbox, and most of the other similar services tend to be free “to begin”, but since you’re going to end up storing thousands of photos, probably in the original resolution very large, sooner or later you will need to move to a payment plan. Tends to be little, like 3 or 9 euros per month, that if the thing is already going well and you need so much space is that you can allow without problem 😉 I Hope will be as well.


Business cards are of the past. Create represents an economic cost but then are not very practical. Think about it, how many business cards you take right now with you?, what are fifty, twenty… maybe no? 😉

In exchange, isn’t it true that you have your mobile with you everywhere? The Internet has become the new and more effective business card. In addition, you are not a hairdresser, you are a photographer. You need to attract, post a sample of your work. Your “business card” should be something more than a simple phone and a simple email address. Your “business card” should be something that people see and say, “Oh, God, what a past!”.

A website or online gallery is the best way of presenting your work in front of a client that has surely heard of many photographers. An online gallery is a tool that allows you to stand out from the rest of photographers by its own merits, showing your contact information, your prices, your competitive advantages, and exposing some examples of your work. With a website of this type also allow the client to contact you, even that you hire.


Before you start you’ll need to consider what pricing strategy you want to apply. Polls prices that are handled by your area, country, city, and, on that basis, see thinking in the range that you want to apply. To do this, keep in mind the following aspects.

It may seem that people like the cheap, however, think seriously if you are interested in competing on price or if your distinct advantage will be another. If you want to compete on price, can you think it’s difficult. The market, as I have said before, is full of photographers, all fighting for the same piece of the pie and, for many of them, willing to lower the price as needed. In this fierce competition sometimes destroys the profession, leading to situations in which the photographer is wrong, the photographic result is poor and the unhappy customer. You can decide to work with a price that is slightly above the average and still have clients, below we will discuss your possible “competitive advantages” that will make the customers you want to hire knowing that there are other photographers who charge much less.

Also don’t forget that, from the start, and having not yet many jobs and a renowned, you might find it complicated that copper prices aggressively high. Keep this in mind. The early may have a low pay, nothing happens. You’re starting out, and have your first story, or the second, you should be willing to sacrifice part of the benefit of face to your first customers. She also thinks that those first customers are going to trust something very precious to them, their wedding, perhaps without knowing you. It is a risk. treat them well and charge them a little 😉

Your pricing structure has to take into account all, absolutely all expenses that you will have: equipment, cameras, lenses, memory cards, the Dropbox account that we mentioned before, transportation expenses, if any, and, as you professionalizing and charging for work, is the famous theme of making bills and pay taxes. Keep that in mind at the time to outline your pricing structure.


Among the hundreds of wedding photographers that may be in your city or area, why should the wedding couple you would have to hire you? As a wedding photographer, what are you special? I know, I know: you make wedding photos are very nice. But that’s what they think and say all the other photographers. So, beautiful photos of wedding you will have to do in all ways, but you’ll have to find a competitive advantage that will distinguish, something the customer to appreciate you or your work, and few photographers to offer.

A competitive advantage is very common to offer very low prices. Hey, it’s okay. There is nothing wrong in stand out for a price especially low. Although it may seem at first that you’re not going to win a lot of margin, in the long run for the simple fact of reporting very cheap you should end up with long queues of customers and long-term, you win. The problem of providing a very low price is that it’s not going to distinguish much. There are so many photographers that do the same thing. Too many.

Search for another competitive advantage. It may seem difficult, but it sure will end up happening ideas. Here are a few:

  • Do not sell photos, offers an experience: beautiful Photos you’ll have to do in all ways, however, is that all wedding photographers are trying to “sell”. Make your competitive advantage is another. More than beautiful pictures, offers the bride and groom all an unforgettable experience. Think of every detail of your work and take care of it to the nearest millimeter. Make it special: dealing with clients, the way in which I receive you in your study, or wherever you keep them, the patience that you show your requests, the photos that we give, CDs, or memory cards. All, take care of absolutely everything. Leave nothing to chance. For example, the uncles, in general, we are less details, but think that in the couple of clients that hire the bride will have an involvement important. When you think to please the bride and groom, think of the wedding as a possible “decision maker” in regard to the whole theme of the wedding, including the fact that hiring you to you or another. So make whatever you present, I love them two and especially to her: colors, embellishments, fonts, etc, If you’re going to mount an online photo gallery in the web as we said at the beginning, takes care of the detail in the sense that they do not choose a color black for your web page, or a type of letter is more of a Heavy Metal band. In theme wedding work very well with the light colors as white or pink, although to me, personally I do not attract the slightest, I have to accept that it is what is going to my potential clients, and therefore I have to offer that “experience” that they find it attractive and pleasant.
  • The photo gallery is just a sample. Follow this board for everything that you do in your work. More than in some pictures, to always think about the full experience.
  • Surprises with a different picture: You will need memory cards enough to not left short of space, so take advantage of it and shoot photos something out of the ordinary, a little “crazy”. Surprise the newlyweds with some photos that normally any photographer would take. Group photos are made with the eye of a fish, for example, give impressive results.
  • Sample photos immediately to the guests: If you have the means and the place lends itself to this, you can place a screen in a conspicuous place, and occasionally load in her some of the pictures that come out of both the bride and groom as the rest of the guests. You will cause a pleasant surprise among all, and believe me, by the way you will grasp some attention as a photographer. I have seen people use a tv screen for those who have memory card slot, or to place a skewer USB. In the own TV you have the function of displaying the photos in gallery mode motion or rotation. If you can’t afford a TV, a simple laptop computer would be the same.

These are just some examples, but the idea is to try to distinguish you from the rest of photographers and little by little you will get to know in the market with an imprint and personal style.


How to succeed as a wedding photographer you do not need to get a master’s degree in marketing, but it does help to have in mind at all times what is your strategy to get to know. In your preparation efforts I would like to devote a time to sit down with a notebook or folio in white before, and scribes, in the form of points, how you intend to get to know.

Plan your marketing strategy

Here we talk about “strategy” because it’s not just to make you advertising, but to do it with some “strategy” in mind, with a purpose, a goal, a reasoning. Just to give you an example, in your list of marketing activities to the best you go and put something like “advertising in a local newspaper”. This can be successful, or not. It is not only about advertising in a local newspaper, but to know yourself for what that’s going to be a good idea, what do you gain announcing you in a local newspaper, the answer may be that the people that will see your advertising will be specifically the people of your city who are interested in capture as customers, because customers of other cities it may not interest you yet. Things like the way that you think of to pay for that ad in the newspaper, that you may be paying, or just giving to the editorial office of the newspaper some photographic work by way of barter, all this kind of things will define your marketing strategy.

The positive of defining a marketing strategy is that you will know at all times that your advertising efforts are not in vain. It is not like that you plan to print 100,000 leaflets and mail them without having clear how we can serve that. Remember, this is not to make publicity, but to make advertising effective.

On the other hand, the marketing or advertising does not always have to be paid. There are thousands of ways to let you know of a way completely free of charge or at a price which is quite affordable.

Here I leave you, by way of example 6 elements that could form this list that I want to write, your marketing strategy as a wedding photographer:

  1. Presence in social networks common: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
  2. Presence in social networks targeted at the female audience, future brides, etc, The clearest example of this is Pinterest.
  3. Presence in forums related to the wedding, public, female, etc
  4. Develop relationships and exchange of contacts/favors and other professionals related to the world of weddings: wedding planners (planning a wedding), honey moon planners (organizing honeymoon trips), companies of entertainment/music for weddings, etc
  5. Offer incentives to customers: This is where you offer to each new pair of customers some incentive for them to refer you to future customers in exchange for something. There are a thousand ways to conceive of this, but it occurs to me for example to suggest every wedding couple a mini-interview free at the year of their wedding (or past the time it is) once you have sent to 2 or 3 clients referred by them. Something like that.


You already know that the path is made by walking. What more it can cost you is the first step, involves a lot of effort, especially at the level of the psychological and mental. Once you’ve taken the first step, the second and the following thousand steps that already almost by inertia. So if you’ve always dreamed of living of wedding photography, I want that to become the “first report” on your main goal. Forget for now of what is going to happen in 10 years, you forget about the tenth article, focus on that first report.

The first report will trigger a series of effects on your career as a photographer:

  • Will allow you to live, in a practical way, the experience of working as a wedding photographer.
  • Will fill you with security in yourself. Do it well or do regular, you will have done anyway.
  • You will have to learn. Quiet as a wedding photographer you’re going to screw up, a lot of and a lot of times. Of that, you can be sure. It is impossible to plan everything to the point of not making mistakes ever. What happens is that they are such errors, and these gaffes that will provide you with the learning field that you need. Only in this way you will learn. The sooner you start, the earlier you will live the experience, before you fall into the errors of the “professional photographer” novice, before you will learn from them and before you become a better photographer.
  • Will allow you to start to find the second story, and this is the third, and so on. The first story sets up all the gear and everything starts to roll.
The importance of the first story

So think about how you can get that first wedding. When you have done, for the second report, and so on, until the time you have an important catalogue of weddings under your belt.

I already know that it is not so easy to get that first interview when you’re starting out, when you’re not no one, people don’t know you, you don’t have a reputation and it’s hard to find people who want to risk the most important day of your life only for you to practice. Here I bring you a series of ideas that may open the way towards that first story:

  • Make your first report free of charge. I already said before that I’m not really a fan of competing on price, and that’s not what we’re going to do, but when you’re starting out, money is not your goal, but to gain experience and fill a catalog of your customers, and examples that show. So, if you offer this first report, free of charge (and you take it as an investment in your experience, sure that you will be easier to give an engaged couple willing to hire you.
  • Volunteer as a partner to other photographers already settled. Sure that more than a wedding photographer, you could use a partner to help take photos from different angles, and that’s worth as a “backup” if the bad luck makes the principal photographer miss the pictures for some reason.
  • If the wedding day is valuable enough for couples you trust, the days that go before and after the wedding should be easier to get. Let Me explain. You may already know that many wedding photographers, in addition to their own wedding, they also offer reports of pre-wedding and post wedding. It consists in photographing the bride and groom a few days before the wedding, poses as a couple, but without the dress or the wedding party. Then, come the pictures of the wedding, and finally, a few days or weeks later, the post wedding. There you have a golden opportunity to work with a couple of boyfriends, even though you have hired a professional photographer for your wedding day, you want to leave you wear your session pre-wedding or post wedding. Then I will tell you how to perform successfully both sessions.
The post wedding, a great opportunity

And now that I have told you everything that would do to initiate me as your wedding photographer, tap to pass to the action. We’ll see, practical tips, and specific to the time pre-wedding and post wedding, and other aspects that you are interested in see first hand.


In addition to all of this that I have counting related to the business strategy, there is a work to do before the wedding: find partners, meet with them, draw up the contract, etc.. You realize very well the link in our guest author David Round, known as the Artisan of Light.


In addition, it explains the importance of the pre-wedding, why it is necessary to do it, both for you as a photographer, as well as for the customers, who are the bride and groom.


The big day comes. D-day, The day of the wedding. What does a wedding photographer on that day? I have compiled information from various photographers friends with experience and that is what I’m going to share with you in this section of the summary form. At least the most important points.

It is essential that you build a schedule with the times of the wedding. It will help you to both control the movements as to plan what time you have in each moment to make the pictures.


In the house of the groom and the bride keep in mind these aspects and suggestions:

  • Go with a helper is a good option and will give you confidence. In addition, you can lend a hand with the team, the lighting, etc
  • Get quiet and, with time, a sense of security and confidence.
  • It is important to be respectful and do not disturb the extent possible.
  • Before you start introduce yourself to the family, if you know their names in advance you have stuffed in your pocket in the first few minutes.
  • Studying the light of the place.
  • Question for the objects, the watch, the shoes, etc Photographing the details in a wedding is much more important than it may seem. On the link, you’ll find tips for photographing them, it will help you practice at your house with rings that have, shoes, and other details.
  • Start with the detail makes it easier to get used to your presence as they continue with the preparations.
  • Looking for different perspectives and angles that allow you to tell what is going on. If you can include multiple stories in one image, your photography will win in impact.
  • At the end you’ll have photos of all the add-ons, the groom and the bride, and someone that will help them to get dressed. Especially the people closest to him. Focus on the looks and gestures of complicity. Is that more value will give to your work. The emotions.
  • But do not ask them to smile, give a kiss, etc… provoke them. Imagine that you are a film director and that they are your actors, they get to do whatever you want but spontaneously. For example, tell the boyfriend, “look at your mother, are you so excited when you help with the jacket tell him how much you want it. What better day than today.” You will have caused a situation of what most emotional feeling forced to do a pose of looks. This is much more authentic and natural. And it is one of the aspects that can help you to stand out from other photographers.
  • Keep in mind that the bride requires more dedication, for hair salon, makeup, dress, accessories, etc consider it to set the times and how much you will spend each moment of the preparations.
  • Sometimes you get surprises the bride, the delivery of a bouquet, a discourse of the godfather, the visit of someone special, the reunion of a family member that live far away… you can’t miss any of these moments because they are the most emotional and the more you will appreciate the couple.
  • Team up with someone from the family or friends to tell you who they are the most important people, if there is someone who the bride and groom do not want to have in the pictures major even if you have messed up in the soup (in almost all families exist 😅 ), who should be, but is hiding around the corners of shyness and all those secrets that probably the bride and groom don’t have but that you want to know. Care, do it subtly, with sympathy and without asking impertinent questions.


Whether religious or civil, these are the main aspects that you should take into account the time of photographing the wedding ceremony:

  • If you have the opportunity to visit the site before to know the light, it may be a few days before, about the same time. This will give you a great advantage. And the same day, before that comes the bride get all the necessary evidence of exposure of light.
  • Plan the duration of the wedding and explores the possibilities that you have to get the pictures you need.
  • Photograph the details of the church or the place of the civil ceremony. Take pictures also general of the place.
  • Ensures important moments. Carry a written list of the moments of the ceremony that can not miss. Take a picture of these moments must-haves, a photo of “security”, once you have it, you can let yourself get carried away by the creativity, but first says.
  • Can not be missing: photos of the bride’s arrival, the departure of the car and its entrance, the face of the groom to see the bride, pictures of hands at the start of the rings, the clasped hands, glances between the bride and groom, family members, close-ups of the bridegroom and of the bride, general plans of these and of the bride and groom with the groomsmen, another general of the altar, the Eucharist in the religious ceremonies, readings and speeches and, of course, “yes I do”. Nor can you miss the exit, with rice, petals or the surprise I have prepared for the guests. See different albums wedding and reportage, in-full will give you an idea of what can not be missing. You can also specify with the bride and groom ahead of time what times, in addition to the “classics,” are important to them. You might be told some time in the that you have not thought of.


After the end of the ceremony and before the reception, it is time to make some photographs of the newlyweds alone, therefore, you should find the best location. The normal thing is to leave it agreed to before the wedding.

In this video you have some tips to the poses of the couple. I would also say that provoke emotional conditions, asking them what has been the most exciting time of the wedding, with which guest have been more excited, etc


  • Make sure that the bride and groom have photos with family and friends that you have agreed to. If at the ceremony have not been conducted with these captures, for whatever reason, use it as a cocktail or banquet. You are the one who has to worry about this, not the bride and groom, they have other things to think about and enjoy😉.
  • Find out before the day of the wedding, with the bride and groom or family, what are the most important moments of the banquet (also the classics), this way you can prepare yourself and have an opportunity to achieve a strategic place. These are some examples of moments that your camera is not to be missed:
    • the entrance of the bride and groom
    • the kiss
    • the delivery of the bouquet (question of when and to whom it will be)
    • if there is any surprise in store for the couple, or to any of the people invited
    • the cake
    • the toast
    • etc
  • Don’t forget here the details, decoration, lists, tables, flowers, etc, If you can photograph them before they take the guests to the living room much better. This is not only valued the bride and groom, if there is any organizer of the event will thank you as well and with this type of organizations you should align yourself with.
  • Dancing is another important moment. Find out if the bride and groom have prepared a dance, examines what is the best angle to record the couple. You get closeups and shots that also appear on the guests.


At the beginning I mentioned that a wedding is a unique moment, you can’t spoil it. For you and for your liability with the bride and groom. 

Maybe one of you may seem too incredible to be true, but they are lived in the first person. Please, read them to not fall into any of these errors, or your career as a wedding photographer it may end earlier if you want to start.


If the pre-wedding has its importance, the post wedding nor is there to do away with it. Away from the stress, without fear of breaking the costumes, the place for the bride and groom regardless of the distance you are to this location. THERE ARE NO LIMITS. This is the best of the post wedding.

Do you like this mega guide on wedding photography? Do you feel useful? In that case, I’m going to ask that you share it on your favorite social network. I I would appreciate it and it is very likely that someone among your contacts to do it too. And if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, recommendations… Leave them in the comments ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ , we will try to respond as soon as possible.